The Spring dreams…

Spring is a very special season. It is the season of new opportunities, new energy, new life! It is also the season of sowing and preparing for reaching to our dreams and goals! In the Spring my dreams and goals are waking up, are revitalizing. I see more chances and more ways to get there than I have seen in the Winter that just passed.

I like this Spring energy! I like that the days are getting longer, temperature is getting higher and everything in the Nature starts a new life cycle. Flowers and trees are waking up, everything is  more active and searching for the opportunities to expand. There is so much activities and energy in the Spring. The new opportunities present themselves and the new dreams and goals are being born or existing one are being energized. Continue reading

Spring is in the air!

What a gorgeous day it was today. Sun shining, fresh air, birds singing, flowers smiling and trees waking up.

Springtime, as Jim Rohn nicely wrote in his book “The Seasons of Life”, is the time to take advantage of opportunity, friendship, love and ideas.

But spring is short and it is so easy to be too busy appreciating the nice temperature, beautiful colors and rising energy that we can miss the most important purpose of springtime. Getting out our seeds and plant!

What do you want to plant this spring?

To know what to plant you need to decide what you want to harvest.

You see, the seeds of corn will always produce corn. Some people want to harvest roses but they plant corn…

That is why in the springtime we need to be alert. We need to think what kind of seeds we are planting and where we are doing that. It will be important in the summertime when we will need to nourish and protect our investments.

But for a while we can enjoy the sun, the air, the birds and the plants giving us their gifts of warmth, colors, songs and energy!