One day in history that changed my life

It was a normal December weekend and as 18 years old boy I was looking forward for nice Saturday evening with my friends playing cards, drinking beer and having fun. This is precisely what we have done! I said to my parents that I will probably come back at night, but as we had so much fun we decided to spend this night at my friend’s house.

Around midnight I decided to give a call to my Mam, to tell her that I will not be back, but the phone did not work. There were no mobile phones in 1981 in Poland :). Therefore, we decided to go to the nearest phone booth to try from there.

Walking down the street we have seen columns of police cars driving quickly the main street. It was unusual but not impossible in our reality. The phone in the booth didn’t work as well.

Suddenly we have seen a column of army trucks and SKOT’s – wheeled armored personnel carriers. We knew that something was going on. Quickly we rushed back home but there was nothing on radio or TV. Continue reading

Isn’t it fascinating?

I think that we are witnessing a major shift in the political domain. I think that the old system shows clear cracks! Hopefully the era of “entertainment” like elections will soon fade away when voters will realize that voting is actually a serious business. That voting has an impact on our real life. I have a faith that the people can become once more the students of values not the followers of media. That the people will slowly realize, that we need someone who can see further than next election, more like next generation! Someone who enter the politics for the right reasons of serving fellow human beings and not protecting a political party or a financial establishment.

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