Busy doing what?

Activity is a bridge between someone’s dream and its realization. Activity is the place where miracle happens.

Often we can’t control results, but we can and should control our activities. Anytime we start to do something we create a new reality, a new life. Labor can be painful and can be fatiguing, but there is no new life without labor pains and sweat!

However, we should be careful not to mistaken activities with progress. It is crucial that we know what we do and why we do it. It’s sounds logical, but I found out that it is not so clear to many people… Continue reading

Things to do in a weekend…

Evaluate last week:

  • What did you learned?
  • Whom did you helped?
  • With whom have you been?

Reconnect with your inner circle:

  • Take time to be with people close to you.
  • Grab a phone a call your friend, your parents or children.
  • Give your inner circle the gift of your time and attention.

Recharge and energize yourself:

  • Do something good for your spirit, body, heart and mind.
  • Plan time to think about your dreams and goals, go for a walk, read something valuable, listen to a music, embrace someone, do something creative.
  • Find the right balance to have all the aspects of your being revitalized and ready for next week.

Plan next week:

  • What is really important and will make the biggest impact?
  • What I want to do?
  • What I need to do?

And the most important. Have a nice weekend!

Why planning is necessary?

Planning is quite interesting process.

You have clear vision where you want to be. You put all the actions, times, dependencies and resources to get there. You start with enthusiasm and what you will find out is…

that something works just not the way you planed! You need to improvise, change and adjust.

So what is the plan good for one may ask?
I think there are 3 main reason why planning is necessary:

  • You decide where and when you want to be (clear goal)
  • You make it clear that you can get there (faith).
  • Points 3 and 2 give you necessary push to start! (motivation)

With motivation, faith and clear goal you will find inspiration to improvise, change and adjust!