So, which way should I go?

Wouldn’t it be fine if I will be sure that direction I am going is the good one? Wouldn’t it be great if I will make choices that are actually in my best interest?

It for sure would! How can I get there? How can I be sure that I am making the right or the best choices?

The answer is, I can’t! All I can do is to make as good choices as possible and the most important,  I can and I should make my own choices!

The only way to get there is through study. I call it stud of our life Philosophy. I know, it sounds scary. You ask yourself now, do I need to be a Philosopher to make the right choices.

Well, yes! There is no other way :). Continue reading

I will take care of me for you…

Today’s blog is from the beautiful city of Pisa in Italy.
Yes this is vacation time and I have to think of Jim Rohn’s quote:

“I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me…”

I think these are powerful words. “To take care of me for you!” But what does it means? For me it means that if I care for you I need to take care of me.

I need to take care of my mind. To make my mind receptible for new ideas, new dreams and new goals.

I need to take care of my attitude. I need to have the right, positive attitude. An attitude that will lift you and help you become better!

I need to take care of my body. This one is tough for me. I am not a very sportive person. I like to enjoy good food and nice drinks. But if I care for you, I need to live as healthy as I can!

I need to take care of my personal philosophy. My personal philosophy is my guide, it helps me to make the right decisions and helps me with even the toughest choices.

Isn’t it interesting? I think the idea is quite powerful!

My question is: do you have someone you really care about? If the answer is yes, then you also should take care of you for this person 🙂

By the way, this philosophy is not only for the holidays! It is as valid in the beautiful city of Pisa in Italy as it is at your home.

Wishing you a great weekend and an even better week!

The power of dreams

I was 14 years old, living in the beautiful city of Gdansk in less than beautiful circumstances. Poland was ruled by communistic power. Some of you might be familiar with these circumstances, for some of you this might be difficult to comprehend. One of the things was that we did not have a lot of freedom and we certainly did not have the freedom to travel abroad.

In these circumstances dreaming was quite important and dreaming about traveling was very important to me. I wanted to know what the other countries looked like, how the people lived, what were their dreams, what was important to them?

Back then the best way to get some information was to read books. As travel books where not censored it was my favorite thing to read. Especially books about sailing. I could see myself sailing across the ocean, visiting interesting harbors in exotic countries.

My dreams were so real, so intense that one day I asked myself: what do I need to do to make it happen? What do I need to do to sail and visit these countries?

Little did I know that in my head I had set myself a goal and resolved to make it happen. From this moment on I was almost obsessed with the idea of me sailing across the ocean.

And yes, miracles do happen. A little more than year passed and I was leaving for my first sailing adventure around Iceland…

My daughter loves to sing. She started singing before she could walk. A few years ago she said that her dream is to sing in the role of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.

First she could not find any production for 14-year-old so in the age of 15 she decided to write her own musical. She wrote all the text and all the music as she did not want it to be the same as the Walt Disney production. With her enthusiasm she assembled a team of players and helpers. After one year the musical was ready to be performed and was quite a success.

The most important point though is, that just after this, in the age of 16 she decided to go for an audition of the real Walt Disney production and got her dream role…

I am sure that if you will ask around, you can find lots of similar situations where dreams became reality or as Napoleon Hill said where “thoughts, backed by strong desire, have a tendency to transmute themselves into their physical equivalent”.

How the power and magic of dreams works? There are plenty of books written on this subject, but for me the most important are the following ingredients:

  1. A dream that is so vivid that you can see the vision of it already happening
  2. A strong believe that it is possible
  3. Faith that it is possible for me
  4. A “never give up” attitude
  5. Activities, activities, activities…

If these ingredients are present the Universal Energy starts to play its magic and power. The right people are crossing your way, the right circumstances are being created. You receive help from people you do not even know and slowly but surely you become a person who deserves to have the dream come true. You see, life does not respond to need, life responses to deserve!

You may ask, if this is so simple why do we not all live our dreams? The answer is also simple. What is simple to do is equally simple not to do. Or putting it differently: it does not necessarily have to be easy.

Fears, negative relations, life destruction’s, bad habits and other dream killers will try to make one of the 5 points weaker and disturb you on your way.

Unfortunately these dream killers very often succeed, unless you are aware and you adjust your course frequently.

When you will do this, and you will act with believe, with faith, with the right attitude the dreams will become your reality as it happened and still is happening to many, many people!

Is life our business?

Being not a native speaker I was a bit surprise to find out that “business” comes from “busyness” which is defined as “purposeful activity”.

Connect it to the definition of life as “the capacity for growth, reproduction, to act functionally and change continually before death” and you can conclude that life and business have more common aspects that one would imagine. Both consist of activities and in both cases we hope the activities are purposeful…

Pablo Picasso once said that:

“The meaning of life is to find our gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.”

To find our gift and to share it we should be engaged in purposeful activities. How do we know if our activities are purposeful? I think we can only be sure after we will examine the results. Isn’t it like being in business?

Ok, I know, I am playing with words and definitions 🙂

But finding our gift and giving it away seems to me like finding and creating value and share it with others.

In my humble opinion this is precisely what business is all about or at least should be all about…

There can be lots of different values to share. The gift of love, smiles, voice or simple attention can be as valuable as more “tangible” things.

By sharing and giving away we are busy with enriching the lives of others. More importantly, giving starts the very process of receiving and what we receive is our reward, our pay check.

So yes, I believe that life is our business! Do you?


I am one of these people who need a positive push or motivation to keep going. I love when it happens. Everything becomes easier. The long list of excuses becomes shorter and a short list of reasons why I should do something becomes longer.

Do you recognize it?

Well, that’s me. I know that we all are different, but I believe there are more people like me. People who need motivation and like to be motivated.

There are many ways to „find” motivation. There are great motivational speakers like Les Brown or Tony Robins, who can touch our soul and heart. They can make us feel great and motivate us. There are great books and great seminars. All of it works!

The challenge however is, how to be motivated on request, how to be motivated now? Without waiting for the next seminar or the next speech.

The answer to this challenge is given by Jim Rohn in The Treasure of Quotes:

“The best motivation is self-motivation. The guy says, “I wish someone would come by and turn me on.” What if they don’t show up? You’ve got to have a better plan for your life.

When I was searching for my plan I found out that it is possible for me to create motivational templates. Templates that are available for use on my request, at the moment motivation is the most important to me.

How does it work? When I set myself a goal or plan an activity, I am taking time and consciously think about at least 3 reasons “why”. I sort the reasons in my thoughts to find the 3 which are most appealing to me. Then I memorize them and give it a name. It becomes my motivational template.

Then when a moment comes that my level of motivation drops, I take a short break and recall the corresponding template. I smile and go through the most appealing “why’s” I stored in the template at the moment I created it. Most of the time it works for me like magic. Within a few seconds I feel motivated and I can go further.

There are exceptions. Once in a while my motivational template does not work. When this happens it is always because the “why” list is not appealing to me anymore. There are generally 2 reasons for that:

  • I was cheating myself when I was creating my motivational template.
  • My philosophy changed and I did not recognize that a specific goal or action is no longer aligned with it.

Even though it does not work all the time, I can assure you, that all the times it does works, it makes my life much easier! The long list of excuses becomes shorter and a short list of reasons why I should do something becomes longer and I can go further…

In the end what Jim said is true:

“When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.”

The seasons of life by Jim Rohn

The first book in “Good resources” must be my favorite one: The seasons of life by Jim Rohn.
This book is for me very emotional. It was my first book by Jim Rohn I read. I was also privileged to receive a dedication from him “Let’s be the best”.
It is a book for everybody. I love its language and wisdom. Can we expect light after darkness? Can we expect spring after winter? Can we reap what we did not plant? What should we do in the winter time? What should we do in the spring time and summer time? What to do when the harvest is poor and what to do if it is huge? It is a book I recommend to everybody. It reads easily and its wisdom stays with you for all the seasons.

Book The seasons of life

The seasons of life

The book is available at: The seasons of life by Jim Rohn.

Have you read this book? Do you want to share something about this book? This is the place to share!