Things to do in a weekend…

Evaluate last week:

  • What did you learned?
  • Whom did you helped?
  • With whom have you been?

Reconnect with your inner circle:

  • Take time to be with people close to you.
  • Grab a phone a call your friend, your parents or children.
  • Give your inner circle the gift of your time and attention.

Recharge and energize yourself:

  • Do something good for your spirit, body, heart and mind.
  • Plan time to think about your dreams and goals, go for a walk, read something valuable, listen to a music, embrace someone, do something creative.
  • Find the right balance to have all the aspects of your being revitalized and ready for next week.

Plan next week:

  • What is really important and will make the biggest impact?
  • What I want to do?
  • What I need to do?

And the most important. Have a nice weekend!

A day with a legend

Life is giving me these special opportunities, special moments to be present on great events and to meet great people.  One of these special opportunities happened just a few days ago. On 30-4-2015 in Poznan, Poland I had the  privilege to be with Les Brown, Dr. Julie and their Team during a very powerful event ”Life without limits”.  With 25.000 people present on the stadium it was the biggest personal development event in Poland ever. As it was a powerful day for me I decided to write about the most important lessons I learned from it.


You could imagine that a person like Les Brown, a legendary speaker, does not need much in the form of preparation. So I was surprised when one of the first question asked was: What does this crowd need to hear? What should be the main message they need to receive?  These questions were asked to several people. I come from Poland, I should know what the people could need to hear. The message of hope, faith and responsibility for their own destiny. The message of opportunities, persistence and victory.   I knew all of that, but how to tell this to someone like Les within one sentence? Communication is an art!

Lessons learned:

  1. You can’t be over prepared!
  2. In the end it is not about the speaker but about the public needs and expectations that makes a speech a success or failure.

“Do not allow this what you want to say stand in the way of what people need to hear!” – Les Brown

The Team

Not in the spot light, but always busy, always alert, always organizing. Keeping an eye on all details. Time, activities, food, drink, rest etc., etc., etc. I never thought that so much happens during such a big event and you need to be well-organized. Without a good team the speaker cannot focus on the speech!

Lessons learned:

  1. To be able to focus on the speech you need to have someone capable watching your back.
  2. It is not only the speaker who deserves applause but also the people making it possible to have a speaker deliver the best.

“One man doesn’t make a symphony orchestra.” – Jim Rohn


Can someone like Les Brown feel the stress before going on stage? I have seen the crowd from the stage perspective. It was overwhelming. The responsibility is huge.  Just before going on stage I have seen Les with Dr. Julie getting focused. Getting into the energy.

Lessons learned:

  1. It is necessary to get focused and to get into the energy before going out there.
  2. It is great to have someone close, someone you trust to help you in getting focused.

“Where focus goes energy flows.” – Tony Robins


By being part of the team I looked at the speech Les was giving a bit different this time. I felt somehow part of the speech. I could see much better than before the changes in pace, changes in focus, getting the energy flowing, getting an alignment with the translator. The speech was great. As usually Les delivered a fantastic message. A message of hope, encouragement, responsibilities for our own life and the life of others.

Lessons learned:

  1. It is not the information that counts, it is the experience one can create on stage that makes the impact.
  2. A good speech is like old Jazz. You get the general line and then you use your skills, energy and interpretation trying to make it into something special, something unforgettable. It comes from your heart, not from your brain!

“If getting information would be sufficient we all would be wealthy, healthy and slim.” – Les Brown


Just after the speech ended we moved back to our Sky-box. I could see that the excitement, stress and focus was gone. After resting for a while Les started his evaluation questions. He did not asked how it was, he asked what we learned, what have we felt and what have we seen. We discussed several aspects of the speech, of the public’s reaction and technical aspects, including a drone camera getting very close to Les.

Lessons learned:

  1. The best time for the first evaluation is when the feelings and memories are fresh. When you can still feel the energy.
  2. You need to be very specific in asking questions if you want to learn something from what happened.

“Perfection doesn’t exist – you can always do better and you can always grow.” – Les Brown


After the speech I have seen different people coming to Les, telling him what was important in his speech for them. What I noticed is that he was very warm and very open to everybody. He was listening and time to time gave his feedback or comments. Always uplifting, always positive. One moment a young man from the organization come with his younger sister. She wanted to thank Les for telling his “twin brother story” as she felt that she was living in the shadow of her big brother.  Les not only listened to her and gave her very uplifting message, he also asked if the parents of the two where nearby and he invited their parents to the Sky-box. When the parents arrived he made them shine by telling how fantastic their kids were and how well they have done by raising such fantastic kids. It was incredible to see it.

Lessons learned:

  1. Your message on the stage should be consistent with who you are!
  2. It is very important to create a special experience for people not only on the stage, but also in your daily life.

“I think of myself as a catalyst of action and a messenger of hope, turning people onto themselves and turning people onto their dreams.” – Les Brown

It was an incredible day, which I will not forget. Not only have I learned a lot, but it gave me tons to think about. Being with people who really care about what happens on the ground in Nepal, people who are dreaming of raising half a million USD per day to fight poverty, people who care about other people, who want them to become better, to find their dreams and to go for them. It makes you wonder what my own purpose is. What I was born for? What kind of greatness is within me? I will have to figure it out but for now I would like to thank to Les Brown, Dr. Julie and their Team for sharing this day with me.

The power of dreams

I was 14 years old, living in the beautiful city of Gdansk in less than beautiful circumstances. Poland was ruled by communistic power. Some of you might be familiar with these circumstances, for some of you this might be difficult to comprehend. One of the things was that we did not have a lot of freedom and we certainly did not have the freedom to travel abroad.

In these circumstances dreaming was quite important and dreaming about traveling was very important to me. I wanted to know what the other countries looked like, how the people lived, what were their dreams, what was important to them?

Back then the best way to get some information was to read books. As travel books where not censored it was my favorite thing to read. Especially books about sailing. I could see myself sailing across the ocean, visiting interesting harbors in exotic countries.

My dreams were so real, so intense that one day I asked myself: what do I need to do to make it happen? What do I need to do to sail and visit these countries?

Little did I know that in my head I had set myself a goal and resolved to make it happen. From this moment on I was almost obsessed with the idea of me sailing across the ocean.

And yes, miracles do happen. A little more than year passed and I was leaving for my first sailing adventure around Iceland…

My daughter loves to sing. She started singing before she could walk. A few years ago she said that her dream is to sing in the role of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.

First she could not find any production for 14-year-old so in the age of 15 she decided to write her own musical. She wrote all the text and all the music as she did not want it to be the same as the Walt Disney production. With her enthusiasm she assembled a team of players and helpers. After one year the musical was ready to be performed and was quite a success.

The most important point though is, that just after this, in the age of 16 she decided to go for an audition of the real Walt Disney production and got her dream role…

I am sure that if you will ask around, you can find lots of similar situations where dreams became reality or as Napoleon Hill said where “thoughts, backed by strong desire, have a tendency to transmute themselves into their physical equivalent”.

How the power and magic of dreams works? There are plenty of books written on this subject, but for me the most important are the following ingredients:

  1. A dream that is so vivid that you can see the vision of it already happening
  2. A strong believe that it is possible
  3. Faith that it is possible for me
  4. A “never give up” attitude
  5. Activities, activities, activities…

If these ingredients are present the Universal Energy starts to play its magic and power. The right people are crossing your way, the right circumstances are being created. You receive help from people you do not even know and slowly but surely you become a person who deserves to have the dream come true. You see, life does not respond to need, life responses to deserve!

You may ask, if this is so simple why do we not all live our dreams? The answer is also simple. What is simple to do is equally simple not to do. Or putting it differently: it does not necessarily have to be easy.

Fears, negative relations, life destruction’s, bad habits and other dream killers will try to make one of the 5 points weaker and disturb you on your way.

Unfortunately these dream killers very often succeed, unless you are aware and you adjust your course frequently.

When you will do this, and you will act with believe, with faith, with the right attitude the dreams will become your reality as it happened and still is happening to many, many people!


In my library I have a book by Chris Widener “Live the life you have always dreamed of!” In his book the author presents 10 principles to make your dreams come true. All good stuff,  but for me the last chapter of the book is the most inspiring. When you cross the magic age of 50, you start to look at life differently. You have enough life experience to see it from a different perspective :).

The title of the last chapter is “Lock In Your Legacy”.  Chris lets us think of the fact that we are mortal and that this actually can be a good motivating factor. I had to think about it twice, but he has a point! Then he asks us, what legacy we would like to leave.

As we go through life we can see how much knowledge, experience and wisdom is being buried each and every day, don’t you agree?

So I asked myself a question:  ‘Shouldn’t we try to share our knowledge, experience and wisdom with each other? ‘

We have the best tools ever to register and share whatever we want with the rest of the world. Social Media, Internet and all other tools that are available to each of us should make this so easy. All we need to do is to take 10 -15 minutes a day to evaluate if you have learned something valuable and to type it down. Then  just push enter and the entire world can tap in and use it! Isn’t it fascinating?

I can see how some of my experiences can help a person I do not even know and make this person’s life better.

I can see how someone’s experiences can help me and it has made my life even better! So this is very clearly a win – win situation.

We do not have to be famous, genius or talented to positively influence other people!

By registering and sharing our experiences, wisdom and knowledge we are creating a much more powerful heritage than just some numbers in the bank account. This way we can leave our heritage not only to our family, our dearest but also to people we even do not personally know! Isn’t that something!

Well, it is for me! That is why I do what I do and I really hope that one day, someone I don’t even know, will read a sentence I shared and it will make sense to this person. And this person will make a choice and change and become happier and better.

If this will happen, my life will take on a different dimension. I will not only live my life but my life will live in someone else, and this is what heritage is all about!


Life could be much more pleasant when more people would be just simple polite! Don’t you agree?

As Napoleon Hill wrote: “Politeness to others is usually born out of respect for the individual, which you learn as a child.”

We can say that politeness and respect are close friends. We learn to respect by being respected and we learn to be polite by being under the influence of polite people. After a while politeness and consideration for others can become a habit and we will be recognized as generally polite people.

I believe that most of the people do have the template of politeness and consideration stored in their subconscious mind. I also believe that most of the people deserve respect.

So how come that in our daily busy life we do not see as much of respect and politeness as one could expect? Isn’t it due to the fact that in the everyday rush we are preoccupied with our own lives and challenges? That we do not allow ourselves to be present and see what is happening around us for what it is?

In the end of the day the people in traffic, in the supermarket or in the office are similar to us. They also have their dreams and goals, their obstacles and challenges, their successes and failures.

Yes, we do have busy lives. Yes, we do have to be on time and we have to arrange hundreds of small things.

But wouldn’t it be easier and more pleasant when someone would just simple be nice to us, give us a smile, let us go first, open a door for us?

I believe it would.

So now the good question is, if we would like to meet people like that on our path, why do we not start from ourselves? Why do we not start by being more polite and more considered? It does not cost a lot and it can make someone’s day!

And you know… what goes around comes around. When you will start to act like that very soon people will start to act the same way towards you.