Time management?

Almost daily I am hearing people talking, asking questions and advising about “time management”. I know it is quite big issue as we want to be more productive (read valuable) and time for sure is an important asset.

However, I see a big danger in the way we associate word “time” with something that we can manage. It can give false hope and be misleading to many. Furthermore, it can be very costly for people who will not realize that time is something we can’t influence and manage.  At least not yet :)! Continue reading

Thoughts about wisdom

All material artifacts are temporary. Even stars are not forever. Specially we, human beings, or more clearly our body as we experience it has its well define end…

All material things are composed from the same building elements. My body, flower, cosmic dust…The only thing that connects all of the material things is an Energy. I like to call it “the Energy”. Could it be that “the Energy” possess a form of intelligence or maybe even wisdom? We simple can’t be sure, but I like to believe it could be possible. Continue reading