The Spring dreams…

Spring is a very special season. It is the season of new opportunities, new energy, new life! It is also the season of sowing and preparing for reaching to our dreams and goals! In the Spring my dreams and goals are waking up, are revitalizing. I see more chances and more ways to get there than I have seen in the Winter that just passed.

I like this Spring energy! I like that the days are getting longer, temperature is getting higher and everything in the Nature starts a new life cycle. Flowers and trees are waking up, everything is  more active and searching for the opportunities to expand. There is so much activities and energy in the Spring. The new opportunities present themselves and the new dreams and goals are being born or existing one are being energized. Continue reading

Dreams and Goals

When your dreams and goals do not excite you, when your dreams and goals do not make you stand up early and stay up late, when your dreams and goals are not making of you different, better person… You do not have dreams and goals, you have just planned a day to work on somebodies else dreams and goals!

The magic of dreams

Have you ever wondered how it is that some dreams come true and some just fade away? Have you ever experienced a dream come true?

I don’t know about you, but to me dreams are really fascinating! It seems to me that dreams have their own way which is difficult to explain and when I can’t explain something I call it magic!

I was 14 years old, living in the beautiful city of Gdansk in less than beautiful circumstances. Poland was ruled by a communistic power. Some of you might be familiar with these circumstances but for some of you this might be difficult to comprehend. One of the things was that we did not have a lot of freedom and we certainly did not have the freedom to travel abroad. We have been living in a huge prison, like birds in a cage…

I was always a curious child. I wanted to know! I wanted to experience. I wanted to know what the other countries looked like, how the people lived there, what were their dreams, what was important to them?

Back then the best way to get some knowledge was to read books. You see, travel books where not censored so much. Somehow the censorship could not see any harm in innocent travel books. Therefore, travel stories were my favorite to read. Especially books about sailing. Often while reading I closed my eyes and I could see myself on a yacht, sailing across an ocean, visiting interesting harbors and exotic countries.

With time my dreams become so real, so intense, so vivid that I could really see, feel, hear and smell all what was happening around me in my dream! In my mind there was no clear border between reality and my dream. One day I asked myself: could it happen to me, and then direct another question popped out: why not?

Little did I know what would happen next. This innocent question “why not?” triggered a sequence of events that till today is difficult for me to comprehend and for sure impossible to explain. One and a half-year later, on 15-meter-long yacht called Alf, I was leaving for my first sailing adventure, across Atlantic Ocean, around Iceland …I was just 16 years old… I don’t know how you would call it, but I call it magic.

Please think for a while about your life or the life of someone close to you. I am almost sure that when you will look carefully you will discover similar situations. Things that started as a dream and ended becoming reality, but when someone would ask you how did it happen, it is impossible to explain.

There are many books, workshops and seminars explaining the how to’s, the easiest ways and sure steps to make your dream come true, and I am sure that all of them have some value. But I was only 14 years old and I did not follow any of them. It all just happened to me.

Sometimes I wonder if I worked on my dream or my dream worked on me? Or maybe a little bit of both? Who knows…

Till today, the biggest value to me is the dream itself. This intense, real and vivid picture in my mind that is difficult to separate from reality. The sound of waves, the smell of water, the view of disappearing land in a misty air above the ocean. When you have such a dream and you believe that it can happen and you have faith that it can happen to you… well the chance is big that the Energy of the Universe will work its magic and soon you will find yourself sailing towards your new reality.

I don’t know the how to’s, I don’t know the easiest and the most certain ways, but I do know that dreams can come true! It happened to me more than once, it happened to many people around me so I am sure the magic can happen to anybody. The only thing we need to do is to allow ourselves to dream!

Let’s dream

Let’s talk about dreams today.

Do you have a dream? I am sure you do and if you don’t… Well, you should allocate some time to think about it.

But first let’s define a dream. What is a dream actually?

For me a dream is an idea, a vision that is created in our imagination about the future state of reality. A dream is about who we want to be, with whom we want to be, how we want to live, what we want to do, what we want to have, what we want to achieve etc. etc. etc.

What I like about the human mind is that our mind can create a vision that is almost real.

I am sure you had a dream which was so realistic that you couldn’t tell if it had actually happened?

I read somewhere that our brain does not really make a distinction between realities and dreams. The picture we can see in our dreams, the voices we can hear, the scents we can smell are for the brain as real as pictures we see on the street, voices we hear in the office or scents we can pick up in a flower garden. I do not know if this is true, but it seems like that to me.

Abraham Lincoln once said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. What I know is that the only way to create a future is to see it in our dreams first.

Anything created by man was first conceived in his mind. Someone had a dream of “it” before “it” could become reality. So a dream is not reality, but it is very close to it. A dream is not tangible but there is a very thin border between a dream and its outcome.

Please understand me right. I do not promise anybody that every dream will come true, but what I can promise you is that if you do not have a dream it will not become reality!

I have this dream of living a good life. For me a good life is quite well define. I can see me being with my wife as friends and life partners. We are traveling a lot, visiting our children, grandchildren and friends. Walking around in the nature and places of culture. I can feel the wind on my face while climbing with my wife a hill in the forest and I can feel the hot sun on my head while sitting on a city square in Italy sipping nice wine and looking at the amazing architecture around us. I can see me working hard on becoming a man of value. A man that has something to share. I am surrounded with people I respect. We are talking about new ideas, new possibilities. I do not have financial stress. I am smiling and I can feel that what I do has a positive impact on others.

I could go on and on and on… as my dream is very clear to me, and what is more important it is so appealing that it is one of the most powerful inspirational forces for me. From this force I am consciously setting myself goals. Personal development goals, financial goals, business goals. My dream has this incredible pulling power. It makes me stand up early, work hard and go to bed late.

It not only inspires me but also motivates me through my daily activities.

Les Brown once said: “If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.”

Therefore I would like to invite you to become a master dreamer, to take responsibility for yourself and develop a hunger to live it. If you will I am sure your dreams will come true!


Self-motivational assets

Today morning I woke up to the sound of hard rain. I open my eyes and I saw it was very dark outside. Clearly a storm was passing by. I decided to wait in my bed till it would be over. One hour later when I opened my eyes again I have seen the sun shining through the window.

Why am I telling you this story? Because it was my inspiration for today’s talk.

Les Brown’s most recognizable quote is that “You have greatness within you”! I believe we all do! There are two aspects of our greatness that I would like to discuss with you today.

Firstly the fact is that we have the unique capability to change our past knowledge and experiences in assets and invest them in the present. Sometimes we are saying that a person has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I believe that we all do. Unfortunately we do not realize it too often and frequently we don’t use it as our assets. The wealth of past experiences and knowledge can be very powerful when used correctly!

Today morning when I opened my eyes for the first time I knew that the storm would pass. I knew it would not last for a long time! I was not stressed! This is the power of past experiences and knowledge invested in the present! It will help us to go through storms! It will push us through difficult times!

The second aspect of our greatness is the unique capability to see the future. Not necessarily to see the future as it will be, but to see the future as we would like it to be. It is the power of our dreams!

Our dreams are very important assets that we can invest in the present.

Our dream can be so powerful, so magnetic that we can be pulled by it through moments of doubts and lower self-confidence.

We can be pulled up by it when the path is going up the hill and we think we have no more power to climb. As long as we have our dream we will somehow find the power to make the next step and a next step and a next step…

Today morning when I decide to close my eyes and wait for storm to pass by, I could see in my mind the sun shining and the flowers looking at me with their beautiful colors and shapes. I could smell them and I could feel the warm breeze on my face. It made my last hour of sleeping very enjoyable even though outside the storm was not yet over!

What all of this has to do with motivation one can ask? Well, I realize that our assets of accumulated knowledge and experiences and capability to see the future as we want it to be can be very powerful self-motivational factors that can push us through difficulties and pull us towards our goals if we use them correctly.

So the small good change exercise for today is to learn how to invest past knowledge and experiences and our dreams to become our best self-motivational assets.

The power of dreams

I was 14 years old, living in the beautiful city of Gdansk in less than beautiful circumstances. Poland was ruled by communistic power. Some of you might be familiar with these circumstances, for some of you this might be difficult to comprehend. One of the things was that we did not have a lot of freedom and we certainly did not have the freedom to travel abroad.

In these circumstances dreaming was quite important and dreaming about traveling was very important to me. I wanted to know what the other countries looked like, how the people lived, what were their dreams, what was important to them?

Back then the best way to get some information was to read books. As travel books where not censored it was my favorite thing to read. Especially books about sailing. I could see myself sailing across the ocean, visiting interesting harbors in exotic countries.

My dreams were so real, so intense that one day I asked myself: what do I need to do to make it happen? What do I need to do to sail and visit these countries?

Little did I know that in my head I had set myself a goal and resolved to make it happen. From this moment on I was almost obsessed with the idea of me sailing across the ocean.

And yes, miracles do happen. A little more than year passed and I was leaving for my first sailing adventure around Iceland…

My daughter loves to sing. She started singing before she could walk. A few years ago she said that her dream is to sing in the role of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.

First she could not find any production for 14-year-old so in the age of 15 she decided to write her own musical. She wrote all the text and all the music as she did not want it to be the same as the Walt Disney production. With her enthusiasm she assembled a team of players and helpers. After one year the musical was ready to be performed and was quite a success.

The most important point though is, that just after this, in the age of 16 she decided to go for an audition of the real Walt Disney production and got her dream role…

I am sure that if you will ask around, you can find lots of similar situations where dreams became reality or as Napoleon Hill said where “thoughts, backed by strong desire, have a tendency to transmute themselves into their physical equivalent”.

How the power and magic of dreams works? There are plenty of books written on this subject, but for me the most important are the following ingredients:

  1. A dream that is so vivid that you can see the vision of it already happening
  2. A strong believe that it is possible
  3. Faith that it is possible for me
  4. A “never give up” attitude
  5. Activities, activities, activities…

If these ingredients are present the Universal Energy starts to play its magic and power. The right people are crossing your way, the right circumstances are being created. You receive help from people you do not even know and slowly but surely you become a person who deserves to have the dream come true. You see, life does not respond to need, life responses to deserve!

You may ask, if this is so simple why do we not all live our dreams? The answer is also simple. What is simple to do is equally simple not to do. Or putting it differently: it does not necessarily have to be easy.

Fears, negative relations, life destruction’s, bad habits and other dream killers will try to make one of the 5 points weaker and disturb you on your way.

Unfortunately these dream killers very often succeed, unless you are aware and you adjust your course frequently.

When you will do this, and you will act with believe, with faith, with the right attitude the dreams will become your reality as it happened and still is happening to many, many people!