Safari to the Soul

Next month I am going to Nairobi in Kenya for business. Every time I am going there I am thinking of a book by Denis Waitley “Safari to the Soul”. It is a quite nice, easy to read book that brings us to the highlands of the Maasai Mara where the author describes his own journey into self- discovery.

I like his “10 Step Guide to Savage Paradise” very much:

  • Know your environment
  • Know the participants
  • Know your own strength and limitations
  • Know your purpose and inner motives
  • Know that others have different agenda, often hidden
  • Know that there are givers and takers, pray and predators
  • Know how to be a giver, but not a pray for predators
  • Know enough to say “I do not know”
  • Know that change is the rule

As you can imagine the last point of this guide is very close to my philosophy. I like going to Africa. It is so different, so unpredictable and still so fascinating. One day I promised myself to go to Safari Camp 1920. But before it will happened I will apply the “10 Step Guide to Savage Paradise” to my business as it is as valuable in the African highlands of the Maasai Mara as it is in the daily life of the corporate world.

Spring is in the air!

What a gorgeous day it was today. Sun shining, fresh air, birds singing, flowers smiling and trees waking up.

Springtime, as Jim Rohn nicely wrote in his book “The Seasons of Life”, is the time to take advantage of opportunity, friendship, love and ideas.

But spring is short and it is so easy to be too busy appreciating the nice temperature, beautiful colors and rising energy that we can miss the most important purpose of springtime. Getting out our seeds and plant!

What do you want to plant this spring?

To know what to plant you need to decide what you want to harvest.

You see, the seeds of corn will always produce corn. Some people want to harvest roses but they plant corn…

That is why in the springtime we need to be alert. We need to think what kind of seeds we are planting and where we are doing that. It will be important in the summertime when we will need to nourish and protect our investments.

But for a while we can enjoy the sun, the air, the birds and the plants giving us their gifts of warmth, colors, songs and energy!

The seasons of life by Jim Rohn

The first book in “Good resources” must be my favorite one: The seasons of life by Jim Rohn.
This book is for me very emotional. It was my first book by Jim Rohn I read. I was also privileged to receive a dedication from him “Let’s be the best”.
It is a book for everybody. I love its language and wisdom. Can we expect light after darkness? Can we expect spring after winter? Can we reap what we did not plant? What should we do in the winter time? What should we do in the spring time and summer time? What to do when the harvest is poor and what to do if it is huge? It is a book I recommend to everybody. It reads easily and its wisdom stays with you for all the seasons.

Book The seasons of life

The seasons of life

The book is available at: The seasons of life by Jim Rohn.

Have you read this book? Do you want to share something about this book? This is the place to share!