The fragile balance of freedom and democracy

On 15-3-2017 in the Netherlands 82% of people entitled to vote used their rights to elect a new country representation. The formation of a new government will take for a while, but majority of people all over the World have been enthusiastic to see that the populist and authoritarian party did not become the biggest one. Well done the Netherlands!

However, when we look carefully at the results of this election, what we can see is that the parties which actually did very good job in getting the Netherlands out of the crisis have been punished by voters. The populist party actually gained a few seats when comparing to the last election and the rest of the political environment become even more fragmented.

The question I am asking myself is, what is going on with our freedom and democracy? Continue reading


Finding the perfect balance…

One of the biggest challenges in life is how to find the perfect balance. We all need time for us, time for our dearests, time for community… We need to work, but we need to rest as well. We need to study and we need to teach. Is there the best way to find the balance?

I do believe there is. Someone wise said: “those who seek will find” …

This is the best way! We need to realize that the perfect balance for us will not be given to us by work regulations or marketing messages which fight not only for our money but also for our time. It will not be revealed by people who seek our attention.

We need to learn how to listen to our body to our mind and to our soul and respond adequately.  We need to seek within not out there! But the most important is that we need to seek continuously!

The true nature of balance is that it is dynamic. We need to tune it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day…