Time management?

Almost daily I am hearing people talking, asking questions and advising about “time management”. I know it is quite big issue as we want to be more productive (read valuable) and time for sure is an important asset.

However, I see a big danger in the way we associate word “time” with something that we can manage. It can give false hope and be misleading to many. Furthermore, it can be very costly for people who will not realize that time is something we can’t influence and manage.  At least not yet :)! Continue reading

Busy doing what?

Activity is a bridge between someone’s dream and its realization. Activity is the place where miracle happens.

Often we can’t control results, but we can and should control our activities. Anytime we start to do something we create a new reality, a new life. Labor can be painful and can be fatiguing, but there is no new life without labor pains and sweat!

However, we should be careful not to mistaken activities with progress. It is crucial that we know what we do and why we do it. It’s sounds logical, but I found out that it is not so clear to many people… Continue reading

The Right Attitude

Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Attitude is not only reflected in our behavior; it influences our behavior in dramatic way. Therefore, it is so important to be conscious about our attitude. If we have a wrong attitude our productivity will be decreased significantly, no matter what our skills are and how strong we want to produce. Continue reading

When it is hard…

I am generally a positive and happy person. I have a very good life. Nothing to complain about.It was not always like that. In the past I went through some difficult times as well.

I have seen low and I have seen high…

What I learned is that life has cycles or as Jim Rohn used to say: seasons. We all go through Springs, Summers, Autumns and Winters in our lives.
What I also learned is that no matter where you are in this specific point of life, low or high, you will go cyclically through similar emotions.
Sometimes you will feel down, sometimes you will feel up. Sometimes you will be afraid and then at times, you will not feel the fear at all. I noticed that similar cyclic feelings will be known to the poor and the rich, to the wise and the not so wise.

It seems that this is the nature of life. This is how we are.

What is the function of these fluctuations? Wouldn’t it be nice to only have positive, powerful and uplifting feelings? Wouldn’t it be great to live in a never-ending Summer season?

I don’t think so. I think that our moments of being low do have an important role in our life. Moments of difficulties are there to remind us about the never-ending contest between good and bad, between light and darkness, between health and sickness. These moments are necessary for us to fully appreciate life.

Would we appreciate light if we would not experience darkness? Would we appreciate health if we would not be aware of sickness? Would we appreciate company if we would never be lonely?

It doesn’t seem to me that we would.

I used to hate these moments. I used to be angry with myself and with the circumstances for getting me into such an unfortunate position. But now I understand that life, from time to time, wants to show me how fortunate I am. Life wants me to be aware of all good things that are happening to me by presenting me a contrast. It is like a message: don’t take all the good things for granted.

Therefore now, when these difficult moments come, I am not angry anymore. I am calming down and I am looking at all the good and positive in my life from the perspective of the contrast that life presents to me.

By doing that I am actually feeling better. My attitude is not going down so deep. In the old times I could be down for days now it seldom take longer than an hour or two.

So when you are down, when life is throwing some negativity, some opposition at you, try to use it for appreciating all good and positive things in your life more clearly. Try to see them from the right perspective. I am sure when you will be able to learn this and you will practice it, the difficult times will actually have a positive function in your life and it will help you to go through…..

I will take care of me for you…

Today’s blog is from the beautiful city of Pisa in Italy.
Yes this is vacation time and I have to think of Jim Rohn’s quote:

“I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me…”

I think these are powerful words. “To take care of me for you!” But what does it means? For me it means that if I care for you I need to take care of me.

I need to take care of my mind. To make my mind receptible for new ideas, new dreams and new goals.

I need to take care of my attitude. I need to have the right, positive attitude. An attitude that will lift you and help you become better!

I need to take care of my body. This one is tough for me. I am not a very sportive person. I like to enjoy good food and nice drinks. But if I care for you, I need to live as healthy as I can!

I need to take care of my personal philosophy. My personal philosophy is my guide, it helps me to make the right decisions and helps me with even the toughest choices.

Isn’t it interesting? I think the idea is quite powerful!

My question is: do you have someone you really care about? If the answer is yes, then you also should take care of you for this person 🙂

By the way, this philosophy is not only for the holidays! It is as valid in the beautiful city of Pisa in Italy as it is at your home.

Wishing you a great weekend and an even better week!

The most valuable asset

I believe that time is our most valuable asset. If only for the reason that we can’t acquire more of it. Knowing that should make us think twice about what we actually do with our time. Generally we can invest it or spend it. The difference is huge. The time invested in what is important to us, to our family to our business will produce long-lasting effects, the time spend will create empty spaces in our memories.

The good question is: why so many of us spend the time instead of invest it?

I think Jim Rohn captured the challenge greatly in his quote:

“Don’t mistake movement for achievement. It’s easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is: Busy doing what?”

So what are we busy with? What occupies our thoughts and makes us do what we do?

I like to believe that “Life is a constant battle for a perfect balance. There is a time to work, there must be a time to rest. There is a time for others, there must be a time for us. The challenge is to get it right!”

Is there a magic formula? Some simple advice we can follow and get the right results? Well I wish I would have it! I would probably be rich, famous and beloved by all people who turned their lives around for the better. Unfortunately it is not so easy. Why? Because we all are unique and for each of us a different balance is required.

What I can do is share with you my thoughts and my way of dealing with the time challenge.

First of all what I learned is that we tend to spend most of our time on activities that have “Urgent” written all over them. The second group of activities we spend time on are activities that are neither important nor urgent, but seem to us like attractive and interesting.

What we tend to procrastinate are activities that are important but not urgent. These activities seem to be in the shadow of “Urgent”, “Attractive” and “Interesting”.

Yet the secret for creating a perfect balance is in this group of activities that are important and not urgent. In this category we have thinking and planning. When I say thinking I mean meaningful planned activity which results in conclusions. Not just random thoughts that we have all the time in our head. We should think about what is valuable and important for us personally, for our families and for our business…

Only when we decide what is valuable and important, we can actually prepare meaningful planning. The process of creating the planning is very important. A good planning increases our motivation for achieving what we want to achieve. Furthermore we create reference for prioritizing all other activities.

Now what we need is the right attitude and we can proceed with what we planned.

Our activities will produce results which we can evaluate and check if we are actually coming closer to what is valuable and important or not.

If results are not in line with our expectation we should check one of 3 places: was the conclusion of what is valuable and important correct? Was our attitude right? Did we performed the right activities with the right intensity?

When the work is done well, we will see that activities in the category “Important” and “Urgent” will contain only crisis situation which we could not plan or predict. The activities that are “Urgent” but not important will decrease drastically. Why? Because we will have clear priorities and we will simple say “no” to most of these activities. The same with activities that are “Not important” and “Not urgent”.

It is always 20% of activities that will produced 80% of the required results. By thinking, planning and evaluating we have much bigger chances to actually discover the right formula for the perfect balance in our life. The perfect balance is what I would like to wish you and myself for the coming week and entire life.



Holidays and life…

I don’t know how it is where you are right now, but in Europe we are starting the holiday’s season.

I love going on holidays. Holidays are for me like a major reward for my hard work. Yes, I do work hard, and although I am traveling a lot for my work, holidays are something else. Of course I like to visit new places, meet new people, taste new food and enjoy different cultures. But the most important for me is the fact that I have much more time with my family. Normally we are all preoccupied with our daily activities. Work, school, household, shopping… During the holidays we can focus much more on each other.

The second major plus of holidays is that I have time for myself. Holidays are for me the most important evaluation time. Time when I look back on the last year.

Jim Rohn once said that “most of the people spend more time planning their holidays than their lives”.

Isn’t it interesting? Spending more time planning holidays not your own life…

It was also Jim Rohn who said that “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what someone else has planned for you?

Yes, you are right. Not much!

Therefore I would like to invite you to use the holidays not only to rest and to reload, to discover and to enjoy, but also to reflect on our lives. When we are out of the daily rush and daily activities it is the perfect time to evaluate if our life plan works well for us.

We could come to the conclusion that we need to design a new plan or adjust the existing one!

Take an evening and write down what is really important and valuable to you. What makes you happy? What makes you stand up early and stay up late with the feeling “yes, this is good”? Discuss it with your partner, with your children. Asked what is really important and valuable to them?

Examine your goals. Is your reason still strong and powerful enough to take you through the difficulties while pursuing your goals?

Think a bit about your attitude. Are you happy with the way you feel about the past, about the future, about other people and the most important: about yourself?

Make a reality check of the activities you performed to get where you are now. Have you worked on the right projects? Do you have the right skills, right tools? Will all you did up till now bring you where you want to be?

Take some time and look at people you spend most of your time with. People that have the biggest influence on you. Do they make you smile, make you happy? Are you growing by being with them? Are you learning new skills? Are you becoming better? Do you have the right people around to do the things that are actually bringing you closer to where you want to be?

Look objectively at your results. Are you making measurable progress in reasonable time?

No matter what the answers are, you will collect sufficient material to create a new plan or adjust the existing one!

Les Brown once said “You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.”

Therefore resolve to make good changes and plan your life around all that is really important and valuable to you.

Energy barrier and catalysts

This week I have heard a speech of Mr. Wang. He is a chemist and works with Shell. But he was not talking about petrol or chemical formulas. He was talking about relations and chemistry. He said that in chemistry if you want to reach a new relation between existing reactants you need to cross an energy barrier.

It is long time ago that I had my chemistry classes, but it made me think. Generally what I understood from the story is that an existing situation is bonded together by a strong energy force. If we want to change anything we need to break this bond by using activation energy first. Only when the activation energy is strong enough it can break the bond and a new state can be achieved.

Mr. Wang also said that there are some substances called catalysts that, when added to an environment, can speed up the reaction.

This is all about chemistry for now, let’s think a bit about life instead.

If we want to change anything in our life we need to go from one state to another. Like in chemistry this process needs our effort.

The amount of effort will depend on what we want to achieve on the one side and on our current state on the other site.

Have you ever been in a situation when you are putting an effort to change something and it does not work?

It happens to me regularly so I am sure you know what I am talking about.

At this point the catalyst idea kicks in. It just might be that the effort I am using to go from one state to another is not enough. Maybe I need a catalyst to speed up the process? It works like that in chemistry, could it work in real life as well?

When I think about it I am sure it can. I think that I also know some of the catalysts. The short list would consist of:

  1. Inspiration / Desperation
  2. Motivation
  3. Attitude
  4. Knowledge and skills
  5. Relations and people around us

The inspiration and desperation are basic catalysts. Both work the same way by preparing the environment for a new reaction. Inspiration or desperation are the only things that will make us want to change anything.

Motivation is the energetic catalyst, necessary to ignite our attitude towards the change. Only when our attitude is up and positively running can we do positive activities.

But when the energy barrier is huge we will need some extra catalysts. We will need knowledge and skills to fight the energy barrier. Knowledge and skills will give us the answer to the important question: how?

But what if the required knowledge and skills are out of our reach? Does it mean that the change is impossible for us?

No, we have another 2 catalysts that can help us. Relations and people around us. These 2 are the most powerful catalysts. When well used they can make the impossible happen. You see, what we can’t do, others can. It is just a question of finding the right people and building the right team.

So if you have a big dream, if you have a big goal and you are struggling to reach it, check if you have the right catalysts. If not, go and get them. This can be the only way to get through the energy barrier and achieve a new, desired state.