Who am I?

A few days ago I read a book by Bert Jukes “The Successful Mindset”. The first chapter is all about discovery “who am I”. I love this approach as it stimulates us to think about maybe the most important aspect of our existence – about ourselves.

Of course when you start to think about “who am I”, you want to come to some conclusions, you want to have some answers.

It proofs to be easier to say than to do, at least for me. The first question that came to my mind is: what defines who we actually are?

Is it true what Buddha teaches that “The mind is everything. What you think you become”? Or maybe we are what we do? Or maybe we are the product of the results we produce? Or maybe it is all the same? As what we think should impact what we do and what we produce?

I think that I agree with Buddha who said that “What you think you become…” but I like Jim Rohn’s explanation better. He said that what we conclude based on our knowledge and experience defines our life philosophy. For me the life philosophy is my view of life and my attitude towards it. It is the sum of conclusions based on believes, knowledge and experiences. My life philosophy determines my attitude and the way I am acting. Both attitude and activities will create the results that are directly connected to my life philosophy.

Generally I can say that I am what I think is good or bad, what I think is important or not so important, what I believe is valuable or not so valuable, what I believe is true or false. As these believes, conclusions and knowledge will determine my attitude and activities. It will make me the person whom you know.

Now comes the difficult part. If my attitude and actions are directly connected to my life philosophy can I say that I am what I do? I don’t think so… I think that although the way we perform different activities is directly connected to our life philosophy, we can only know if our actions were aligned with what we are when we look at the results. As what we think and what we produce does not have to be the same. In the end we are only humans and we can make mistakes, we can choose the wrong way, thinking that it will produce different results.

The beautiful part of this approach is that even if we do not produce what we want, we can analyze it and adjust our attitude and our activities, we can change what we do to be better align with what we think, to be better align with what we are. In the end this is what the “Good change” is all about.

Again I liked the way Bert Jukes describes in his book a conversation with his best self. This kind of conversation can help us to make better choices and shows us that what we are busy with, is actually a never-ending process of aligning our attitude and activities with our thoughts.

This is good stuff, isn’t? I am exited thinking and talking about it! So what are my conclusions? What do I believe and know? I do not want to bore you with my life philosophy. The fun stuff is to discover your own! But for now I would like to give you just a few examples.

I know that we come to the Earth with 2 great gifts: time and genetic information. I believe that it is our responsibility to use both gifts to the best of our abilities.

I believe that the most important freedom we have is the freedom of choice. I know that with this freedom comes, equally important, the responsibility for our choices.

I believe that every dream has its price. I know that people who go for their dreams, humbly accept the price or quit.

I believe that we need “all of us” to make the best of our gifts, to make the best choices and to go for the biggest dreams. I know that the best way to achieve something big and long-lasting is to cooperate with each other based on a win – win principle.

What are your believes and conclusions? Are you thinking about your life philosophy? Are you working on your personal development?

Well there are for sure lots of questions coming to my mind right now and I think that this very well may be the biggest value I got from the book of Bert Jukes. Bert, thank you for challenging me to think!




I am one of these people who need a positive push or motivation to keep going. I love when it happens. Everything becomes easier. The long list of excuses becomes shorter and a short list of reasons why I should do something becomes longer.

Do you recognize it?

Well, that’s me. I know that we all are different, but I believe there are more people like me. People who need motivation and like to be motivated.

There are many ways to „find” motivation. There are great motivational speakers like Les Brown or Tony Robins, who can touch our soul and heart. They can make us feel great and motivate us. There are great books and great seminars. All of it works!

The challenge however is, how to be motivated on request, how to be motivated now? Without waiting for the next seminar or the next speech.

The answer to this challenge is given by Jim Rohn in The Treasure of Quotes:

“The best motivation is self-motivation. The guy says, “I wish someone would come by and turn me on.” What if they don’t show up? You’ve got to have a better plan for your life.

When I was searching for my plan I found out that it is possible for me to create motivational templates. Templates that are available for use on my request, at the moment motivation is the most important to me.

How does it work? When I set myself a goal or plan an activity, I am taking time and consciously think about at least 3 reasons “why”. I sort the reasons in my thoughts to find the 3 which are most appealing to me. Then I memorize them and give it a name. It becomes my motivational template.

Then when a moment comes that my level of motivation drops, I take a short break and recall the corresponding template. I smile and go through the most appealing “why’s” I stored in the template at the moment I created it. Most of the time it works for me like magic. Within a few seconds I feel motivated and I can go further.

There are exceptions. Once in a while my motivational template does not work. When this happens it is always because the “why” list is not appealing to me anymore. There are generally 2 reasons for that:

  • I was cheating myself when I was creating my motivational template.
  • My philosophy changed and I did not recognize that a specific goal or action is no longer aligned with it.

Even though it does not work all the time, I can assure you, that all the times it does works, it makes my life much easier! The long list of excuses becomes shorter and a short list of reasons why I should do something becomes longer and I can go further…

In the end what Jim said is true:

“When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.”

Safari to the Soul

Next month I am going to Nairobi in Kenya for business. Every time I am going there I am thinking of a book by Denis Waitley “Safari to the Soul”. It is a quite nice, easy to read book that brings us to the highlands of the Maasai Mara where the author describes his own journey into self- discovery.

I like his “10 Step Guide to Savage Paradise” very much:

  • Know your environment
  • Know the participants
  • Know your own strength and limitations
  • Know your purpose and inner motives
  • Know that others have different agenda, often hidden
  • Know that there are givers and takers, pray and predators
  • Know how to be a giver, but not a pray for predators
  • Know enough to say “I do not know”
  • Know that change is the rule

As you can imagine the last point of this guide is very close to my philosophy. I like going to Africa. It is so different, so unpredictable and still so fascinating. One day I promised myself to go to Safari Camp 1920. But before it will happened I will apply the “10 Step Guide to Savage Paradise” to my business as it is as valuable in the African highlands of the Maasai Mara as it is in the daily life of the corporate world.

You have a voice and story to share…

Sometimes you need to be in the right place and time to get the message and become inspired. For me it was during the National Achievers Congress in Amsterdam when I have seen Les Brown for the first time life on stage. I had heard his speeches before, but being part of an event and seeing Les was something else. He is a Master of Voice. I remember that during his speech he said that we have a voice and stories to share. This few words struck me. I do have a voice and I do have a story to share. A story that can inspire, a story that can help others.

How many young people now are moving from country to country? Often for a good reason and motivation, but often not. How many struggle to accommodate, to adopt and to create a good life?

It is my story, my journey and I can certainly share what worked and what did not work for me.

To do this I need to get out of my comfort zone. I need to learn how to communicate differently. To concur my fears.

Who can help me better than Les Brown and his Team?

I am on my way and I am very happy to be one of a group of very special people who have this privilege to be coach by Les and his Team. I am sure in the future I will be sharing more news about this training.

For now I will use the voice of Les Brown and finish with his famous:

You have greatness within you!

The seasons of life by Jim Rohn

The first book in “Good resources” must be my favorite one: The seasons of life by Jim Rohn.
This book is for me very emotional. It was my first book by Jim Rohn I read. I was also privileged to receive a dedication from him “Let’s be the best”.
It is a book for everybody. I love its language and wisdom. Can we expect light after darkness? Can we expect spring after winter? Can we reap what we did not plant? What should we do in the winter time? What should we do in the spring time and summer time? What to do when the harvest is poor and what to do if it is huge? It is a book I recommend to everybody. It reads easily and its wisdom stays with you for all the seasons.

Book The seasons of life

The seasons of life

The book is available at: The seasons of life by Jim Rohn.

Have you read this book? Do you want to share something about this book? This is the place to share!