Long live the King, long live the Queen!

It was one of these days normal days… My friend and business partner Ad invited me for a lunch. As we have not seen each other for over a month he booked a table at Joelia in Rotterdam, just opposite our office. It is quite good restaurant and we enjoyed amuses with nice fresh with wine when suddenly he said: look our King and Queen are walking by. Continue reading

The list of my excuses…

It is quite interesting how easy most of us can find why things will not work out for us.

Coming up with a long list of excuses is a very natural reaction. Somehow, we are programmed to rationalize why things could not work, even before we will try them! Seldom you can find someone starting something new telling everybody this one will work for me no matter what.

I can give you my old list of reason why things will not work out for me. I am keeping it just as a remainder.  Any time I am tempted to use an excuse not to try something new, I look at my “do not use these excuses” list. Here is my list of the most common excuses I used to use: Continue reading

What do I want? What do you want?

“Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.

Jim Rohn

You probably have heard many times that it is important to know what do you want. Most of the teaching will say something like that: decide what do you want and when you want it, make plan to get there and follow the plan until you will get there.

Nothing wrong with this approach except the fact that it is quite difficult to create a good picture of what do we really want. Continue reading

Looking back, looking forward…

I like the last day of the year. It is symbolic day. We are closing a chapter of our life story and we are opening a new one. It is the time to look back and the time to look forward.

Let’s start with looking back at 2016. I like to look at my past as at school. In the end, we are here to learn and to check whom can we become. Life is the best teacher. If you are not careful it will give you a test first and after the test will teach you a lesson. Continue reading

One day in history that changed my life

It was a normal December weekend and as 18 years old boy I was looking forward for nice Saturday evening with my friends playing cards, drinking beer and having fun. This is precisely what we have done! I said to my parents that I will probably come back at night, but as we had so much fun we decided to spend this night at my friend’s house.

Around midnight I decided to give a call to my Mam, to tell her that I will not be back, but the phone did not work. There were no mobile phones in 1981 in Poland :). Therefore, we decided to go to the nearest phone booth to try from there.

Walking down the street we have seen columns of police cars driving quickly the main street. It was unusual but not impossible in our reality. The phone in the booth didn’t work as well.

Suddenly we have seen a column of army trucks and SKOT’s – wheeled armored personnel carriers. We knew that something was going on. Quickly we rushed back home but there was nothing on radio or TV. Continue reading

Reinventing yourself…

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

In April 2015 I had a privilege to spend some time with famous motivational speaker Mr. Les Brown. I was with Les and his Team while he delivered one of his great speeches to more than 25.000 people in Poznan, Poland. I was so inspired by this event that I wrote a blog about it titled A day with a legend .

After his performance, we had some private time in his Sky Box at the stadium. While relaxing, and listening to other speakers he asked me to tell him about myself.

When I finished my story, he said: “you are all about reinventing yourself…”. Continue reading

Celebrating Birthday = Celebrating Life


Birthday is always a great moment to reflect on our life and I had quite a birthday this year! It all started early in the morning in Gdansk, Poland.

I had a meeting at 8:30 in the office and I knew that from 12:30 I will be on my way to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. At the office my employees had a surprise for me. Good start of a day.  Than I had some meetings, phone calls etc. Business as usual.

In the meantime, wishes and congratulations were pouring via mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp etc. At 12:30 I said goodbye to my employees and rushed to the airport. I needed to catch up a plain which should bring me to Warsaw. There I had an hour to transfer to another plane to fly to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, a car was waiting for me to bring me home to celebrate birthday with my wife and kids. All well planned and organized…except for the weather. It was snowing both in Gdansk and Warsaw… Continue reading

We are all in a communication business

I am an investor. Most of the companies I invest in do have strong IT component. As you probably know IT people are not the best in communication.

About a week ago my business partner said something that stick to my mind. He said that we are in a communication business.

When I thought about it, I realized it is true not only for a business. I believe that our life is the communication business as communication is the way we translate our thoughts into something that can be received and understood by others. Continue reading

Isn’t it fascinating?

I think that we are witnessing a major shift in the political domain. I think that the old system shows clear cracks! Hopefully the era of “entertainment” like elections will soon fade away when voters will realize that voting is actually a serious business. That voting has an impact on our real life. I have a faith that the people can become once more the students of values not the followers of media. That the people will slowly realize, that we need someone who can see further than next election, more like next generation! Someone who enter the politics for the right reasons of serving fellow human beings and not protecting a political party or a financial establishment.

Continue reading