Why good change?

“You have a voice and a story to share”… this sentence spoken by Les Brown, one of the most inspiring person I know, did not leave my conscience after I heard it on one of the seminar’s in 2013.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone spoke directly to your heart, directly to your soul?

It happened to me several times. One of the most dramatic for me was Jim Rohn with his famous “For things to change, you have to change…” It was 1993 and his words pushed me on my way to create a good life.

In 1991 I emigrated from Poland to the Netherlands. It was just after the “Iron Curtain” tumbled down…

My emigration was a result of a big mess I managed to create in my life. After finishing Medical University in Gdansk I was already married and had a fantastic daughter. But I was struggling to create a life. Working as a researcher did not pay any money in this time. So I started a company together with some friends. It was not the success I was hoping for. We were not ready, not experienced enough, to fight with the ever-changing circumstances.

After closing the business I was not able to find my place, I was lost. I considered to move back to the medical profession, but I could not see how I would ever be able to make decent money to support my family. There was nobody then who could show me a direction, coach me through rough waters, at least I was not open enough to see anyone.

So I did what lots of young people in Poland have done. I left Poland to earn money. This decision changed my life. My family paid quite a price for it. I lost my marriage and in this time my homeland became a strange place to me. I decided to build my life abroad.

Have you ever had an experience of starting all over?

Well, I was 27 and I had to start from zero. A new country, new culture, new language… Fortunately for me I met some great people who have helped me a lot. One of them is now my wife with whom I started a new life and a new family.

This was the first time I noticed an interesting pattern in my life. Whenever I lost something, it opened a place for something else, something new, often something better!

Starting from nothing in a new country is not easy. Especially when your self-esteem and self-believe is shattered by self-created destructive events.

That is why meeting Jim Rohn in 1993 was so important for me. His words pushed me on the road of self-development. “Work harder on yourself then you work on your business”… and I did. Now I am enjoying a good life, fantastic wife, children and grandchildren. I am self-employed and I do what I love to do.

When I think about my journey then I must admit that the good life I have is a result of personal development. It would be not fair if I would claim the credit for it. My wife and children play a very important role in my life. But also people like Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Bryan Tracy, Zig Zigler, Tony Robins and many others, directly (seminars) or indirectly (books, tapes, conversations), helped and still are helping me to find the right way and the correct answers. I am, and always will be, grateful to them! The journey is for sure not over yet!

Les Brown’s words:

“You have greatness within you”, “You have a voice and stories to share”

helped me to make the decision to do something more. This initiative of the Good Change project is a result of it.

Mr. Les Brown, thank you!

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