The idea of “Good Change” was born already some time ago. When I was pondering on life’s important questions, I found out that changes are the motor of progress.

As Brian Tracy beautifully said: “When you make a choice, you change the future…”.

Many times in my life I wished to have the right resources for helping me to make the right choices. I knew the resources were there, but how to find them? How to sort them out? How to get to the point quickly? Even worst, I knew that a lot of answers were within me, but I did not cultivate the database of information that would be available on call, when needed.
I am sure that with new technology, with social media and many good people being open and willing to share their resources, experiences, knowledge, skills and stories it must be possible to create a place that the answers or at least the places where the answers are to be found, will be easier to locate.
It was Les Brown that gave me the necessary push to move from idea to realization. His words:

“You have a voice and a story to share”… where the necessary ignition to this project.

Now I start this project with the following vision:

  • I want this platform to help people who are interested in personal development, who are seeking answers to life’s important questions and who want to change their lives for better.
  • The platform is open to people who want to share their resources, experiences, knowledge and skills but also their stories with the intention to help others.
  • The platform is meant to enrich our lives and to make seeking easier. It is open to everybody with positive intentions and “goodwill” in their minds.
  • I realize that there is no positive without negative, but I also know that we are being overexposed to negativity, therefore the platform’s attitude is positive!
  • The objective of the platform is to create a community around the main subject “Good Change”

You are welcome to be part of “Good Change”. Let the journey begin!

Jacek Salek was born in 1963 in Gdansk Poland. He was participating in the democratic opposition against the communistic government in Poland. Jacek was printing and distributing forbidden books, poems and magazines. He was involved in the Independent Student Association and actively supporting the Solidarity movement during its legal and illegal operations. After finishing Medical University Jacek was working for different businesses. When in 1989 the inflation in Poland forced him to close a company he owned together with some friends, he decided to emigrate. In 1991 Jacek immigrated to the Netherlands. In 1993 he started his business in Network Marketing. From 1996 he was fascinated by computers and information technology. He worked from 1999 till 2007 as a Project Manager and ICT Manager in different companies. In 2005 Jacek started an IT Company in Poland. In 2007 he joined his business full-time. At this moment Jacek is co-owner of a number of companies in the Netherlands and Poland. He is married, has three children and two grandchildren.

Jacek’s main objective is to live a good life. His motto is:

“For things to get better, you need to take advantage of changes and become better…”

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