I heard you in my heart


Les Brown is saying it correctly, that information is not enough. If information would be enough we all would be rich, skinny and healthy 😊

The good question is: what does it take to change information in inspiration?

The answer to this question I got from Les Brown last weekend in London. Les said something that will be for a long time with me.

He said: “I  heard you in my heart…”

Wow, isn’t it powerful? To be able to deliver information in such a way that someone will be able to  hear it in her or his heart.

Another good question pops up: what does it take to deliver message in such a way that someone will be able to  hear it in her or his heart?

I think the person who is delivering the message needs to own the emotion that is attached to the message. In my humble opinion, the only way to own the emotion is to deeply experience it within us.  

This is why we can inspire people more often by our own stories which are emotional to us! However, we can also experience deep emotions by being open to emotions that are happening to someone else. This is what the mirroring neurons are all about. This is how empathy works.

My take away from this lesson is that I need to be more open to someone else emotions. I must try to deeply feel what someone went through to be able to use someone else story to inspire people and not only inform them…

PS: film with thanks to Bradley Chapman