The Spring dreams…

Spring is a very special season. It is the season of new opportunities, new energy, new life! It is also the season of sowing and preparing for reaching to our dreams and goals! In the Spring my dreams and goals are waking up, are revitalizing. I see more chances and more ways to get there than I have seen in the Winter that just passed.

I like this Spring energy! I like that the days are getting longer, temperature is getting higher and everything in the Nature starts a new life cycle. Flowers and trees are waking up, everything is  more active and searching for the opportunities to expand. There is so much activities and energy in the Spring. The new opportunities present themselves and the new dreams and goals are being born or existing one are being energized.

When I look at all of these opportunities, dreams and goals from the perspective of 50 plus years of experience I start to understand what Jim Rohn wanted to communicate to me when he was saying that we should look for what our dreams and goals will make of us.

Yes, it is great to reach our dream or goal, but the main purpose of our dreams and goals is not to get there. The main purpose of our dreams and goals is to inspire us to become the right person to deserve them.

Yes, it is great to enjoy the moment of fulfilment and victory, but the real question is: how will we fill on our way and whom will we become during the journey?

I think that in the Spring it is very important to understand the purpose of our dreams and goals. This can help us to engage in the right opportunities, which in the Spring usually present themselves to us in abundance.

For me, right now the most important questions are:

          Will the new opportunity help me to reach my dreams and goals?

          Will my dreams and goals help me to become the person I would like to be?

          Will I be able to improve myself and become this person, while enjoying the journey?

Spring is a very special season and I intend to make the best out of it while enjoying the  journey and doing my best to become better.