The fragile balance of freedom and democracy

On 15-3-2017 in the Netherlands 82% of people entitled to vote used their rights to elect a new country representation. The formation of a new government will take for a while, but majority of people all over the World have been enthusiastic to see that the populist and authoritarian party did not become the biggest one. Well done the Netherlands!

However, when we look carefully at the results of this election, what we can see is that the parties which actually did very good job in getting the Netherlands out of the crisis have been punished by voters. The populist party actually gained a few seats when comparing to the last election and the rest of the political environment become even more fragmented.

The question I am asking myself is, what is going on with our freedom and democracy?

While searching the Internet I stumbled on the website called where I found very interesting article by Arch Puddington and Tyler Roylance titled “Populists and autocrats: the dual threat to global democracy”.

What I realized, after reading this article, is fact that we are taking our freedom and democracy for granted! Even someone like me, who is traveling around the World, seeing different countries, different political systems and grew up in a country that was not a democracy has a feeling that it is all OK.

Sure, there are the Putin, Ukraine,  Trump and Brexit, which are not nice, but it is not a threat to our freedom and democracy, or is it?

In the article we can see how fragile the balance of freedom and democracy actually is. Only 45% of the countries with  39% of the population can actually enjoy the freedom and democracy as defined by the authors. This means that 61% of the population and 55% of the countries are not fully free and democratic! What is more scary is fact, that in the last 10 years our freedom and democracy has lost the territory. In 2006 we had 47% of free and democratic countries in the World, in 2016 45%.  

In my last post “The light side of the force” I wrote that the drama of life take place between two opposites. It looks like it is not only true on the personal level,  but on the global level as well.

There is a reason why the democracy and freedom is losing the territory. I am not a political analyst and I don’t pretend to know the answer why. What I do know is fact that if each effect has its cause. And if we want to change the trend and protect our freedom and democracy we should start to work on it right now.

I am not involved in politics, but I do see the need of increasing the awareness of what is going on. I also think that the best way to protect and to strengthens our freedom and democracy is when individuals as you and me will promote universal positive values like integrity, love, respect, courage and kindness not in the name of political ideologies or religions but in the name of humanity and life itself.