Long live the King, long live the Queen!

It was one of these days normal days… My friend and business partner Ad invited me for a lunch. As we have not seen each other for over a month he booked a table at Joelia in Rotterdam, just opposite our office. It is quite good restaurant and we enjoyed amuses with nice fresh with wine when suddenly he said: look our King and Queen are walking by.

Well, it can happen that the King and the Queen of the Netherlands are walking next to the window of the restaurant you are in. But it doesn’t happen too often.

When his and her Majesty entered the restaurant I thought they will have some private room for lunch. I was surprised to see them sitting just a table away from us. Just like normal couple, smiling to each other and chatting.

At certain moment I was passing by their table. I thought, would I ever have a chance to say to the King and the Queen that I do appreciate their work? Not very big chances, I thought.

So, before my mind could stop me I have heard myself speaking in my best Dutch. Your Majesty, as a Dutch citizen from import I would like to tell you how much I do appreciate what you both are doing for the Netherlands.

Now I expected secret service charging on me with brutal force. But it did not happen. Instead I have heard a voice of the King asking where are you from? Originally from Poland… In short, I had an unexpected nice chat with the Dutch King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima, who nota bene is also immigrant.

I always was a big fun of the Dutch Royal House, but after today I am totally sold :). Even more, I did not realize that I disturbed their private lunch on 15th anniversary of their marriage.

Now, as it was an unusual event, at least unusual to me, I think it is good to look at the lessons I have learned.

Lesson number one is that it is good to trust our gut feeling and go with its flow.

Lesson number two is that people we are looking up to, celebrities are actually normal people like you and me.

Lesson number three is that if we have something nice to say to somebody, it is always good to say the moment you can!

I have no clue if I will ever have a chance to speak to the King and the Queen of the Netherlands again, but this experience will be with me forever. I only hope that my kind words have been well received. I think it was so as after the lunch both have wave me goodbye, which was quite unexpected but very nice.

Long live the King, long live the Queen!