The list of my excuses…

It is quite interesting how easy most of us can find why things will not work out for us.

Coming up with a long list of excuses is a very natural reaction. Somehow, we are programmed to rationalize why things could not work, even before we will try them! Seldom you can find someone starting something new telling everybody this one will work for me no matter what.

I can give you my old list of reason why things will not work out for me. I am keeping it just as a remainder.  Any time I am tempted to use an excuse not to try something new, I look at my “do not use these excuses” list. Here is my list of the most common excuses I used to use:

  • I do not have money.
  • I do not have right education.
  • I was born in the wrong environment.
  • I was born in the wrong country.
  • I am a man.
  • I don’t have the right connections.
  • I am not known.
  • I am too fat.
  • I am too old.
  • I am not wise enough.
  • I am an immigrant.
  • I do not speak the language.
  • I have no time now.
  • I have no energy.
  • What if people I care about will think that what I am doing is stupid?

Well, the list is long and time to time I am adding a new reason. Actually, what we are normally doing is precisely opposite to what we should do. In place of searching for the reason why something will not work out for us, which is very natural, we should spend our energy and creativity to find out all the reason why things would work for us. We should create a list of all “why’s” to motivate us to try, not to motivate us to quit.

As a human beings, we are a part of the nature and the nature will always look for the way of lowest resistance. But to accomplish anything good or to avoid anything bad normally we must go against this natural flow. When we want to have breath-taking view from the top, we need to climb up not roll down…

An accomplishment has its price, but also lack of accomplishment has its price! We will pay no matter what. We will pay a price of discipline or a price of regret. The choice is ours.