What do I want? What do you want?

“Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.

Jim Rohn

You probably have heard many times that it is important to know what do you want. Most of the teaching will say something like that: decide what do you want and when you want it, make plan to get there and follow the plan until you will get there.

Nothing wrong with this approach except the fact that it is quite difficult to create a good picture of what do we really want.

We are living in a consumer society bombarded by zillions of messages prepared by very clever and intelligent people. They are trying to get to our subconscious minds with hidden desires to possess something that someone has paid them to sale to us.

If you are like me the first reaction to this statement will be that it does not work on me! I am very conscious about what I am buying. Well, I am conscious but anyway, I am part of the game…

Right now, I am staring at 2 tablets, while I can use only one at the same time. Why do I have 2 of them? Why both are from 2 different brands? When I look around me I can see lots of things that I wanted to have and I got them. The question is, is my live better, am I better because I have these things? The true answer, most of the time, will be…NO.

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.

Albert Einstein

When I ask myself, what do I want, a long list of “wants to have” is ready to clutter my mind.

Therefore, I like to ask myself different question. I do not ask myself what do I want, but what really matters to me, what will make my life better and what will make me a better person. To me this small change in approach makes a huge difference.

It makes me think differently. I ask myself, what has a real value to me, for what I am willing to pay a high price.

Another way of finding things that really matter to me is to search for all the things that will make me less happy if not present in my life.

I do this exercise on regular basis. At least once a quarter, or every time I have some doubts. I take an empty piece of paper and a pan, set my stopwatch on the phone to count down 60 seconds, push the start button and begin to write down what really matter to me.

Are you curious what would be on your list? Just do it! It takes with all the preparation no more than 2 minutes of your precious time and can be quite confronting…

On my list whenever I do this exercise are mostly people. It will be me, my wife, my kids my grandkids, my family, friends, business partners, employees and customers. After writing the standard list of people I am usually coming to another dimension. It is love, integrity, kindness, respect, compassion. Then I go to clean environment, nice climate, beautiful nature. Usually at this point my time is over. If I would have more time I would probably come down to the lists of “wants to have”, but in 60 seconds very little from my “wants to have” will appear on my list.

Generally speaking, what really matter to me are the people who are close to me, then the values and virtues and in the end the environment I am living in.