Looking back, looking forward…

I like the last day of the year. It is symbolic day. We are closing a chapter of our life story and we are opening a new one. It is the time to look back and the time to look forward.

Let’s start with looking back at 2016. I like to look at my past as at school. In the end, we are here to learn and to check whom can we become. Life is the best teacher. If you are not careful it will give you a test first and after the test will teach you a lesson.

It was quite challenging year for me. I had to be often out of my comfort zone. I had to do things that I was not as good in, as I would like to be, which is good.

Today, when I look back at 2016 I can say that I learned a lot. The biggest lessens of 2016 for me?

Let’s start with a quote:

“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos, is because things are being loved and people are being used.”

I don’t know the origin of this quote, but one of the most important lesson in 2016 for me was to look more after myself. Too often I was misused in the past. I genuinely trust people, respect them and do my best to be kind to all, but sometime one need to draw a red line. From the other hand, it was also a lesson for me to be careful and not to misuse other people. Sometimes we are so busy, so preoccupied that we forget to see in front of us a human being with all the vulnerabilities, fears, doubts… Just a bit more patient, just a bit more time and we can really help someone to change for better.

“Life is good when you can laugh forever with someone you take seriously…”

The lesson is very clear to me. We can go through life alone, but it is much easier if there is someone to be next to us. Someone who will listen, who will laugh and who will cry when it’s appropriate. Someone who will give the helpful hand when needed. The lesson I learned is that to have someone like that I must become a person who deserve and who can attract such a person… It’s not given, it’s not granted. It’s constant work which when done well can be of a great reward.

Anita Moorjani wrote “We are far more expansive, more powerful, and more magnificent than what we have ever been led to believe. And when we fully know and love ourselves, we are then able to pass this love and awareness on to others.”

Isn’t is beautifully said? I always say that we can’t give what we do not possess. Therefore, we should be more self-aware. The next lesson of 2016 for me was that I must spend more time on self-discovery, self-improvement and self-expression. I do believe that as better I will become in the most important aspects of my life as more can I do for people around me.

There were many more lessons, but it was also year of fantastic events!

Being part of my family life with kids growing up and my grand-kids getting bigger and bigger is something to be thankful for!

All my traveling in Europe, but also to North America, Africa and Asia have created fantastic experiences which will stay with me forever.

In my business, I met very interesting people, some of them are my new friends, others have taught me important lessons. I am grateful to all of them.

Yes, it was challenging, but very good year!

Now let’s consider the future. How the 2017 will look like? My Mentor used to say that he knows exactly how the future will look like and he was right.

Next year will look the same as all other years. We will meet opportunities and difficulties and we will be challenged to make decisions and to respond to what life normally do to us.

Therefore, we should be more consider about us! How can I improve my decision-making process? How can I spot the right opportunities and avoid difficulties? What do I need to learn? Whom I need to become? These are the questions that I am pondering about during the last day of the old year…

My top skills to improve in 2017? There are not many, just a few:

  1. Improve my self-awareness.
  2. Improve my self-motivation.
  3. Improve my self-learning abilities.
  4. Improve my communication skills.
  5. Improve my sales skills.
  6. Improve my leadership skills.

I am going to make 2017 very special year but till it will come… I intend to have some serious fun, which I wish to all of you as well!