Reinventing yourself…

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

In April 2015 I had a privilege to spend some time with famous motivational speaker Mr. Les Brown. I was with Les and his Team while he delivered one of his great speeches to more than 25.000 people in Poznan, Poland. I was so inspired by this event that I wrote a blog about it titled A day with a legend .

After his performance, we had some private time in his Sky Box at the stadium. While relaxing, and listening to other speakers he asked me to tell him about myself.

When I finished my story, he said: “you are all about reinventing yourself…”.

As usually when I am confronted with something that I can’t fully understand I started to ponder on what he has said and what I have said as well.

I looked up a definition of “reinventing yourself”.  The definition was:  “…to change the way that you behave or the things that you do so that people think of you as a different kind of person…” .

In my short story, I described many changes that took place in my life.

I went from being a college student to become a prisoner, from being the prisoner to become a medical university student, from being a single man to become a married, man, from being the married man back to become a single man and again to become the married one. From being the medical doctor and a scientist to become a businessman, from being the businessman to become a physical worker and en emigrant, from being the physical worker and emigrant to become a salesmen, from being the salesmen to become a consultant, from being the consultant to become a programmer, from being the programmer to become a manager, from being the manager to become an entrepreneur, from being the entrepreneur to become a speaker, from being the speaker to become an  author…

Yes, Les Brown was right! I am all about reinventing myself, but aren’t we all the same? Aren’t we all reinventing ourselves all the time in some different aspects?

What I learned is that reinventing is nothing else but the result of change and change is part of our life if we want it or not.

In one of my blogs I wrote Pant rei!

When I looked in so many changes that occurred in my life I noticed very interesting pattern. Most of the changes before 1993 have been forced on me. Most of the changes after 1993 have been triggered by me.

My conclusion is that there are 2 major reasons for me to change. Desperation or inspiration. I also found out that it is much nicer to be a force of change than to be forced to change…

For me it very important to be proactive in searching for opportunity to change.

There is one but… not all the changes are good. Some changes, no matter what the trigger is and what the intention is, can produce not so good results. In this situation, the person who can recognize fast that a recent change was not “the good one” and can consciously stop the change will be a winner.

It made me understand, that I need a system! A blueprint which can help me to initiate proactively a change, to see the result as quickly as possible and to force me to act upon the results without delay.

I knew that if I would have such a system my life will be much easier and I will be able to make measurable progress in a reasonable time…

The system is almost ready, but this is different story!