Celebrating Birthday = Celebrating Life


Birthday is always a great moment to reflect on our life and I had quite a birthday this year! It all started early in the morning in Gdansk, Poland.

I had a meeting at 8:30 in the office and I knew that from 12:30 I will be on my way to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. At the office my employees had a surprise for me. Good start of a day.  Than I had some meetings, phone calls etc. Business as usual.

In the meantime, wishes and congratulations were pouring via mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp etc. At 12:30 I said goodbye to my employees and rushed to the airport. I needed to catch up a plain which should bring me to Warsaw. There I had an hour to transfer to another plane to fly to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, a car was waiting for me to bring me home to celebrate birthday with my wife and kids. All well planned and organized…except for the weather. It was snowing both in Gdansk and Warsaw…

First plane was delayed 50 minutes which practically meant that there was no chance to catch up the second plane. However, I had plenty time to answer to all the wishes and congratulations. I am not giving up easy. My motto is: it’s never over till it’s over. Therefore, the moment we touched down in Warsaw I was ready for a run and run it was. A few hundred meters run with my “short stay” baggage and computer in between normal passengers who were not very cooperative. I was at the gate 5 minutes before departure. The gate was closed, but the service employees where there. Because I started to run, some more people decided to try as well. Soon we have been with 8 of us at the gate. The pilot could see us from his window and plane was still at the gate… I said that it is my birthday and I am going to my wife and kids to celebrate. They started to call and talk and 60 seconds later the gate was reopened. We went to the plane and the rest is history. I could celebrate my birthday with my wife and kids as planned.

When I was flying from Warsaw to Amsterdam I started to think about phenomenon of being born and alive. How often we are taking this for granted. The truth is, what are the chances that we exist as we do now?  I am sure that someone with deeper knowledge of the statistics could calculate the chances, but even without scientific proof I am sure the odds are not in our favor!

What is the chance that my parents would meet? What is the chance that they will decide to have a child? What is the chance that it will work out and they will have a child?  What is the chance that this specific one sperm cell from millions in the run would win and create me? What is the chance that I will survive during the pregnancy, my childhood with unstoppable curiosity, my teenage period when there was no fear in me, the early twenties when I was poisoned by too high level of testosterone?

In short, what is the chance that I will survive all the things that are out there trying to get me out? My first broken leg, first time broken heart, first time seriously sick, first time broken financially, first time going through the storm that seem to be too strong for me… You know what I mean!

Yes, it is a real miracle that we have been born and still are alive. Miracle that we should celebrate not only during our birthday!

We don’t know what the future will bring us, but we can enjoy the journey and celebrate the miracle of life every moment we have a chance to do it.