Busy doing what?

Activity is a bridge between someone’s dream and its realization. Activity is the place where miracle happens.

Often we can’t control results, but we can and should control our activities. Anytime we start to do something we create a new reality, a new life. Labor can be painful and can be fatiguing, but there is no new life without labor pains and sweat!

However, we should be careful not to mistaken activities with progress. It is crucial that we know what we do and why we do it. It’s sounds logical, but I found out that it is not so clear to many people…

Often we can see good people doing work that is not necessary, work that has opposite effect to one that was required. It very well may be the most important lesson on activity. Always ask yourself why am I doing what I am doing?

As labor is the only way to get us to the expected result, it’s better to have a right attitude towards it! I found out that when my attitude is right the labor pain is not so hard and I am less fatigued.

Planning our activities is also an activity, but this one should be done up front… I am always amazed to see how many people first start to do something and then are trying to create a plan as they go… For me it’s kind of mystery, but even I am catching myself frequently on starting activities without clear plan…  Have you ever found yourself in the situation that you couldn’t finish work as you had no necessary skills or tools? If yes, you know what I mean…

Another important point on work is to understand that we all have some skills and talents but not all of them. Even if we know why we are doing something and we have a great attitude, if we don’t have tools and skills it can be waste of energy and time. In this case delegation or asking for help someone who has skills and tools is the best solution.

We do work as we want to achieve a result. How do we know that we are achieving the result that we want? We need to check it regularly! Monitoring our progress and evaluating our results frequently is the best remedy for frustration and dissatisfaction. Quicker we know that what we do does not lead us to expected results, quicker we can adjust it, try something else or just simple stop!

Now is time to do something! Wishing all of us happy and productive labor 🙂