The Right Attitude

Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Attitude is not only reflected in our behavior; it influences our behavior in dramatic way. Therefore, it is so important to be conscious about our attitude. If we have a wrong attitude our productivity will be decreased significantly, no matter what our skills are and how strong we want to produce.

Yes, the right attitude is the KING which allows us to:

  • Keep going even when the wind is against us
  • Insist on finishing what we started, even when others are quitting
  • Never lose faith that in the end all will be OK
  • Gain confidence in ourselves to become better and better

Our life Philosophy is all about our mind and our knowledge but attitude is all about feelings and emotions. Attitude can be right or wrong. I know that we are more used to say positive or negative attitude, but in my opinion more accurate classification should be right and wrong as it is perfectly possible to have positive attitude towards wrong things or people… In this case our positive attitude would not guarantee positive results.

As Jim Rohn used to say, it is important to have the right attitude, towards past, future, ourselves and other people.

In my opinion the best feeling about the past is a feeling of respect. I like to treat the past as my teacher. We all have past loses and past victories, past up’s and past down’s. Past is important part of human development and learning from the past can make us stronger, better and wiser.

I am doing my best to have right feeling about my future. I want my future to inspire me. Sometimes the wrong attitude is trying to take over. It is usually in the form of fear.

I know that fear, as Zig Ziglar used to say means: “False Evidence Appear Real”.

Therefore, I must master my attitude and protect it from negative thoughts about my future. The best way to do it is to have well design vision of how my future should look like and clear set of goals to get there.

To have positive feelings about myself is quite difficult exercise. It is not what I was taught. It is not a part of my culture. I had to learn to see myself the right way. First of all, I had to learn to be kind towards myself. Then I had to learned how to respect myself. In the end I had to learn how to love and accept myself as I am. It took me a long time to realized that I am OK as I am. Even now, when things are getting tough, the first what I need to watch and guard are self-feelings and self-perception.

I always was open to other people. I trust people and I have general positive attitude towards others. I do believe that there are more good and positive people in our World than we are informed to believe. I also know very well that we can’t succeed by ourselves. We are just a small part of a very complex and incredibly interesting system. We just simply need each other and having a right, positive attitude to the people around can help us to build something bigger and something better.

There is also another interesting aspect of attitude. Attitude can be managed. I know that if we will work on it, if we will train it like we can train our muscles, we can actually control it. We can be in charge as attitude can and should serve us and not embarrassed us.

In the end the most important lessons that I learned about attitude:

  • It is easy to have positive attitude when all goes well, it is much more difficult when it is not. However, we need the right attitude much more when things are going wrong.
  • It is quite difficult to have the right attitude when we are tired. Physical and mental strength helps to have the right attitude.
  • The best fuel for the right attitude is clear, strong, appealing goals.
  • We can have power over our attitude, so wrong attitude is our choice not an accident.
  • When wrong attitude appears too often it is time to check our life philosophy and our associations. Some people are simple the right attitude killers!
  • Focusing on all good things in our life helps in getting our attitude right.

My wish for you and me is to have the right attitude as the right attitude is not only the KING, but is the best and easiest way to feel like a King as well!