So, which way should I go?

Wouldn’t it be fine if I will be sure that direction I am going is the good one? Wouldn’t it be great if I will make choices that are actually in my best interest?

It for sure would! How can I get there? How can I be sure that I am making the right or the best choices?

The answer is, I can’t! All I can do is to make as good choices as possible and the most important,  I can and I should make my own choices!

The only way to get there is through study. I call it stud of our life Philosophy. I know, it sounds scary. You ask yourself now, do I need to be a Philosopher to make the right choices.

Well, yes! There is no other way :).

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, values, reason and existence.

In short, Philosophy helps us to get answers to the most important questions in our life:

  • What is valuable and what is not?
  • What is good and what is not?
  • What is true and what is not?

It is the best way to find the reasons behind the reason…

As we all know in life we have to make choices. The choices we make are expression  of our answers to most of life important questions. No matter if we are conscious about it or not.

The word Philosophy has Greek origin which means the “love of wisdom”.

In one of my earlier blogs I defined wisdom (

“… an ability to see situations from different perspectives, to understand that my values do not necessary need to be your values. To be able to understand how different processes work and to have sufficient knowledge to see possible different results of these processes. But also to have sufficient communication skills to be able to communicate any conclusion in simple and easy to understand way as well as to have enough compassion to know when not to communicate at all…”

If we would love wisdom, we would want it to flourish, we would want it to have distinguish place in our life!

Why should we love wisdom? Why should we search for the answers to the most important questions in our life?

In my opinion we all need a compass, we all need something that could help us to choose the best direction. No matter if we will have a good compass or not we will be forced to go through life and make our choices. Life is composed of small events which are determined by thousands of choices, which we have to make weather we want it or not.

If we can’t escape to make choices, wouldn’t it be better if we will make the best choices we can? Wouldn’t it be wiser to make choices which are the conscious results of our own conclusions and not merely unconscious adaptation of the results of someone else thoughts and conclusions?

Mr. Jim Rohn once said “be a student not a follower” …

I believe that it is never too early to be a teacher and it is never too late to be a student.

To be able to come to the best conclusion we need to study. We need to go through the thinking process. We need to collect the information, translate it into the knowledge, confront it with our experiences and other people experiences, analyze and sort it out and in the end we need to formulate our own conclusions.

These conclusions will show us the best direction, will become our compass.

Our life is shaped by our choices. Evidently our life is shaped by our philosophy! If we want our life to be a good life, we need to become serious students of life Philosophy. We should develop warm and loving relation with wisdom!