What if…

I love my daily walks. When I walk my eyes automatically are searching for things of beauty, things that make my soul smile. Sometimes it is a flower reaching for the first glimpse of sun or a butterfly flying without clear logic. It can be face of a person passing by on a bike or a formation of clouds on the endless sky. But even more than searching for things of beauty I like to think.

Often when I walk I play in my head a mental game. I call it the “What if” game. In my thoughts I start with “what if” and then I am adding a condition. Than I am trying to imagine how it would be if the condition was true.

Today I would like to play the “what if” game together with you.

Let’s start with an easy one. What if everybody in the world would be kind? What if all the people would be friendly, generous, and considerate? How our life would be like? Try to imagine your daily life at home, school or work?

Kindness is so easy! We do not even need to know the person to be kind! It cost nothing, we do not need expensive education, complicated tools. Simple smile, positive gesture, one or two words of normal greeting or a compliment. Yes! Kindness is very easy!

Wouldn’t it be nice to enter a shop, train station or city hall when all people would be kind! Even at work or at school while working on an assignment or a new project it would feel much better when all involved would be kind! Don’t you think so?

When I think of all people being kind I see our world as a different, better place! Can you see that too?

Why don’t we try something bit more difficult? What if we will all respect each other? If we will recognize that we are all different, that we all have different abilities, qualities and we all have different achievements. What if by this understanding we will become less judgmental? If we will admire others as they are and not compare them to someone they are not?

Well, respect can be more difficult as it will cost us some effort of changing the way we are defining other people. But in the game all is possible! In my mind such a world would be less violent and less aggressive. We would have no problems with racism and immigrant’s. It will be world with less stress!

When I think of all people being respectful to each other I see our world as a different, better place! Can you see that too?

Why don’t we try something really difficult? Something of different level?

What if we will be able to truly love others? This can be tough! I was searching for a good definition of love and unfortunately I could not find it in available dictionaries. The definition of love I like to use comes from my professor of pathomorphology.

I know, you do not expect that someone who deals with postmortem would teach his students about love, but he did. He used to say that love is a “strong will to wish and act in the best interest of someone, without expecting anything in return. In this definition love is a mental state expressed as “strong will”. It shows that love can be expressed by both: actions and thoughts, as wish is a thought. Than it refers to the “best interest of someone”. Not what we want the person to be or do, but what is the best for this person. In the end it shows that all of it should be carry out without expecting anything in return.

In my opinion, this is very powerful definition! If we would be able to carry it out, we would not have problems with wars! There will be much less people who are feeling lonely even when they are living surrounded by other people. We will not have so many people with broken hearts and damaged souls.

When I think of all people truly love others I see our world as a different, better place! Can you see that too?

When I think about kindness, respect and love it seems to be simple to practice and carry them out. All three do not required complex tools, high education or money. All three depend on a personal decision, personal will to think this way and act this way!

It should be easy and it would for sure change our world for better. Furthermore, this is in our best interest as well! Why we do not have more kindness, respect and love around us?

I don’t think many people are bad. Even so the mass media wants us to believe it’s so. There are only a few bad people! Ok, they move a lot around so you will see them time to time, but there are not so many!

There are, however, too many people who seem unconcern, indifferent!

We all have greatness within us! The seeds of kindness, respect and love are planted in all of us.

But we can only give away something what we possess, what we own.

Maybe in our game we should ask different questions. How our life would be if we would be kind, respectful and loving towards ourselves? Would this water the seeds of kindness, respect and love that we are all carry within us? Would it help us to be kind, respectful and loving towards others?

I am sure it would!

We are powerful beyond our imagination! We have all that is necessary within us to create better world. All we need to do is to be kind, respectful and loving towards ourselves to unleash the power of being kind, respectful and loving towards others.

It’s all a question of decision that we can make right here right now.