Thoughts about wisdom

All material artifacts are temporary. Even stars are not forever. Specially we, human beings, or more clearly our body as we experience it has its well define end…

All material things are composed from the same building elements. My body, flower, cosmic dust…The only thing that connects all of the material things is an Energy. I like to call it “the Energy”. Could it be that “the Energy” possess a form of intelligence or maybe even wisdom? We simple can’t be sure, but I like to believe it could be possible.

Otherwise how can we explain that from one seed we receive a tree, from second a flower and from third a human being?

But what wisdom actually is?

In my opinion wisdom is an ability to see situations from different perspectives, to understand that my values do not necessary need to be your values. To be able to understand how different processes work and to have sufficient knowledge to see possible different results of these processes. But also to have sufficient communication skills to be able to communicate any conclusion in simple and easy to understand way as well as to have enough compassion to know when not to communicate at all…

If we are created for purpose could it be that our purpose is to contribute to the wisdom and knowledge of the Energy? Could it be that the Energy is self-learning and self-improving?

If this is the case and we are part of this process, could it be that what we create in our thoughts contributes to continues self-learning and self-improving process of the Energy? Could it be that these thoughts are store there forever?


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