Living a good life!

I am sitting in the evening sun with a person I admire. It is our favorite place! We hold each others hands and watching late sun coloring the buildings in golden and orange. The temperature is perfect. We are enjoying nice Italian wine. No rush, just being with each other in this magical moment.

It is a great feeling to be in the place you want to be with the person you want to be feeling happy, relax and fulfilled. Is this a good life?

Yes, living a good live is the major purpose to me. I always knew it. I just never thought too deep about it. Today is a perfect time to change it!

The main question is: what does it mean to live a good life and how do I know what the good life really is? To understand what good life is, I think it is important to define both “good” and “life”.

To define “good” I usually use phrases like: to be desired, approved or to possess required qualities, to be morally right, to benefit someone or something. Following these definitions, a good life is life that I desire and approve, life with required qualities, which is morally right and benefits me and my environment.

Definition of “life” is a bit more challenging. The most known definition of life is the one created by NASA, which states that life is a self-supporting system which reproduces, adopts and is subject to Darwinian evolution.

To me life should have more to offer than just reproduction, adoption and selection. What I miss is spirituality, emotions and intellectual growth. Or is spirituality, emotion and intellectual growth part of the adaptation and selection process?

I am sure we could have quite a nice philosophical dispute about this subject, but for the purpose of my internal dialog it will make not so much difference.

Therefore, I will use the definition of life that includes spirituality, emotions and intellectual growth as well as reproduction, physical well-being adaptation and selection.

So what a good life is?

I can only flourish and survive when I learn, decide what is good or not so good (select), adopt the “good” in my daily actions and pass it on to the others as lessons learned.

Of course each of us has different circumstances so the lessons learned will be divers and by the diversity enriching to all.

When do I actually learn?

I learn when I am confronted with something new and I decide to challenge it. This means that it is impossible to learn if I will not try something new. I can be pushed to try by curiosity, healthy ambition or even fears. Sometimes it will be inspiration but often it will be desperation. I will be forced to face something new, I will be forced to change…

To learn and to change trying is not enough. We need to engage with the new situation till we can produce some useful result. Only than we can actually conclude if the results are good or not so good.

Someone wise said that knowledge not applied is wasted. If I want to enhance my capabilities, if I want to flourish I need to apply what I learned, I need to produce better results.

Why would I produce better results?

The answer is simple, I need to support myself. Otherwise I will not survive.

But when I can support myself and I could produce more, should I?

I do believe that if I could produce more I should. Why? The answer is why not? I have been given the ability and time. I can waist it or I can invest it in the well being of my family, my community or humanity.

Yes I will need energy to do it all. To have sufficient energy I need to find time to rest and revitalize.

It is a great feeling to be in the place I want to be with the person I want to be feeling happy, relax and fulfilled but I will call it a good life only if it is the result of the perfect balance between trying, learning, applying, producing, sharing and resting.

It looks to me that a good life is the life of perfect balance.