To news or not to news…

I don’t watch news anymore, seldom read any news and when I am confronted with what man call news, I am down…

I was thinking why? What makes me feel down? My conclusion is that the picture painted by news is not the picture I experience around me. It creates a dissonance with reality. This dissonance makes me question if what I experience is true and this leads to discomfort and feeling of being down.

When I look around I see many kind people, many people showing respect and love. I experience much more kindness, respect and love that unkindness, disrespect and hate. The proportions are like 1000:1!

Nice chatter with my neighbors, pleasant note from my daughter, thumb up on the Facebook, high five with my co-worker, smile from the unknown sales person in the shop, hug with my wife, pleasant discussion with members of my Club… I could go on and on and on. Personally in the last 3 days I have seen some aggression on the road, but it could also just be my perception.

Why it is that news paints a picture of world full of hate, disrespect and unkindness?

The answer is obvious. It is much easier to sale! Our brain wiring is made to pay more attention to negative and dangerous things. It helped us in our evolution to survive!

My question is if in the 21st century, in a civilized world the same mechanism that made us humans so successful in surviving in the nature, serves us well? Do we still need to stress so much and be suspicious? Do we really need to be stress of a person being killed 500 km from where we are?

I don’t want you to have a feeling that I don’t care. I do! I hope that the police and justice will do their job and enforce the law. I just think if this is right for very big population to feel stress about it?

In my personal life I don’t see so much benefits of it. I feel much better when I notice kindness, respect and love around me. I am sure there are dangers out there, but statistically my chances for being killed by unkind, disrespectful and full of hate people are much, much smaller than being killed by too much stress, poor choice of food and drink, too little movement and pollution…

That is why I decided not to buy the negative news anymore. I will take this risk!