If you can’t change it, better learn to love it!

When I look around I notice that too often we are stuck. We are stuck at or with:  work, relation, habit, old car etc.

It’s nothing wrong with having work, relations, habits or old cars as long as we feel good about it!  However, the “being stuck” feeling means most of the time that we do not feel good… Which for many of us can be a challenge. There are exceptions! I could be happy being stuck with my wife, but probably I will not use this particular words to express my feelings :).

In one of the seminars of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer I heard a very wise lesson for this kind of challenges.

My own translation of his lesson is: If I can’t change it, I better learn to love it!

The very important question I need to answer to myself is: why I can’t change it?

The truth is that there are very little things we can’t change. We can’t change the laws of nature. We can’t change something what is irreversible, like death. We can’t change other people. At least I can’t!

The most of the things in our life we actually can change, but we are deciding not to. Often we don’t want to change something because of our fear of loss, fear of unknown, or fear of failure. Other reasons for not changing something in our life can be based on our moral, cultural, ideological or religious values. Sometimes it is lack of vision or lack of self believe.  Very often it is just being lazy. We feel discomfort, but it is not big enough to trigger decision for change.

In my opinion it makes not much difference if we can’t change something because it is out of our reach or we just decide not to change. The end result is the same. We have to live with what we have. In this case we should decide what our attitude towards this object should be?

I do believe that to make our life more fulfilled, more positive and easier it is wise to adopt accepting and loving attitude towards things / situations / people we can’t or we don’t want to change…