My body is the temple

11 months ago I decided to change. I decided to lose 23 kilos. Now I am 33 kilos lighter and feeling great.

I am not telling you this to impress you, but I hope I can inspire someone with this story.

How lucky can one be with a body that is great to him. I am for sure the lucky one. My body took me for over 50 years in so many different places. My eyes showed me the most amazing pictures painted by nature and by artists. My ears allowed me to hear the most incredible sounds. Music, poetry, wisdom of books… It was there for me when I was straggling with the heavy storm on the North Atlantic, when I was pushing it to the limit hiking 25-30 km per day in Tatra Mounties, when I was swimming in a very cold sea getting my rescue certification. I could go on and on and on… My body is always there for me.

But all these services are not for free. Especially when we take our body for granted and focus more on other areas of our life. This was the case with me.

I found myself neglecting my temple. It was not such a dramatic but a more subtly neglect. Each year a kilo added. Each month a little less exercise. Each week just a bit too much comfort food… I found myself overweight and with constant pain in my hip.

I am quite positive and strong so I learn how to handle this pain… But at the beginning of 2015 I was already up to 128 kilos which for me was way too much. I knew I had to do something. On my goal list for 2015 I wrote get down to 105 kilos.

The moment I set this goal, things started to happen. On 30-4-2015 I was in Poznan attending an event with Les Brown which I described in my post “A day with a legend”. During this event Les’s partner and fantastic woman Dr. Julie seeing the organizer Lukas Milewski, Les and me said something that changed my attitude. She said it to Les, but I was next to him and I felt that it was as important for Les as it was for me. She said: it is time to take care of our bodies and to lose some weight.

Losing weight is a battle I had to fight before and I was successful. It was in 1993, long time ago… From this experience I knew I will need a clear motivation, that is going beyond pain and my health. I know I can handle lots of discomfort and I was never too focus on my health. My body is always there for me! I started my search and I found it in the most incredible places.

The first motivation was connected with Les and Dr. Julie. When I was observing them I could see how much energy it costs to lead, to educate and to motivate people. This is what I am doing in my business. I realized that I will need all the energy I can produce.

The second motivation came from my old friend Jacek who suddenly looked lighter. I did not investigate how he did it, but I knew that when he could do it, I can do it as well.

The third one came from my wife and children. We have been climbing a volcano in a heat of the day and before the summit I knew I will not be able to make it. It was too heavy for me. I was a bottle neck. Walking slowly up the mountain I recall the words of Jim Rohn “I will take care of me for you. Please do take care of you for me.”

The next motivation was unexpected. A good friend of mine who has as good a body as one can wish for, got a heart attack. I realized that if he got it, and he was always taking good care of his body, the chances for me to get one were much bigger.

Than the last big motivator was my business partner who came with the Fitbit and started to paint a vision of doing business by helping people to be healthier and fitter. I realized, that it is hypocrisy to preach health and fitness when being overweight and walking with pain…

The interesting thing is that subconsciously I was searching for motivation. My subconscious mind was busy, telling me: take care of your body! When you search, you will find…

I want to thank all the people who knowingly or not knowingly motivated me to get where I am with my weight. My body is happy and grateful. The pain is gone and today I jogged for the first time more than 5 kilometers.

Now I am ready to set new health and fitness goals and from now on my body will be a part of my goal setting strategy. If I want to enjoy and live a good life it would be much better to do it in harmony with my body as it is my temple and it is the only temple I will have.