Paris, the city of life, music, culture, food, love. City as multicultural as you can only imagine. Last year we have been there for Christmas with my family. Fabulous time!

Today Paris is all over the news. It is not news of life, music, culture, food, love. The news is about death and terror.

I feel sad and my thoughts are with all the innocent people who are not with us anymore and with the families and close relations, who will have to go further through life without them. All innocent people, no matter of color, religion, culture…

In my life philosophy I am always trying to look for good, even in events that are evil, negative. I must say that it is not easy today. What can be good in fact that a few lost souls indoctrinated by another few, whose values and goals are unclear, travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the World to kill many innocent people? This evaluation will have to wait till my sadness will weaken.

What it shows clearly is the well-known fight of opposites, the drama of life which takes place between the opposites. Les Brown said this well. “Life is a constant fight for territory. Once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take over”.

We can’t take health for granted as sickness is just around the corner, we can’t take good for granted as evil is just around the corner we can’t take life for granted as death is just around the corner…

Two days ago I wrote in the contexts of solving family conflicts that we should act according to 3 virtues: integrity, respect and love. Integrity requires from us to keep our values, respect requires from us to accept that other can have different values and love should help us to build the bridge which will allow us to have relation despite of differences. Wouldn’t it be great if we will learn to solve the conflicts based on these virtues?

But what to do if there is disrespect in place of respect and there is hate in place of love?

We have both right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our values, but we need to be careful.

In Poland we have a proverb: “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”. Therefore, we should beware of what we become while pursuing what we want to achieve!

Today my thoughts are with people of Paris. However, I am sure that this tragic event will not break down the city. In the end Paris will become even more the city of life, music, culture, food, love. City where people like my family will have fabulous time.