Good Motivational Event – count me in!

Last week I’ve spent a day on a motivational event organized by a friend of mine in London. With speakers like Les Brown, Althea Grant, Dr. Stacie NC Grant, Steve Woody and Mindy Gibbins-Klein I knew it would be a great event.

But my time is precious so before I went I asked myself, why do I want to go there and invest my time in this event. Below are my thoughts, which I would like to share with you.

Reason number 1: Positive Energy

I don’t know what your life is looking like, but in my daily routine I am not getting lots of positive energy. When everything goes “well” and “normally” I am not being interrupted by calls, mails or sudden meetings with people who are telling me how great it is that all is going “well” and “normally”. Therefore, I need to proactively seek positive energy. Being thankful, grateful and counting my blessings is something I need to actively work for. But when something is going “wrong” the negative energy is being poured into my life without me asking for it. I do not need to do anything to get more than my share. Of course we need and should resupply our life with positive energy. I found out, that good motivational events are a great source of positive energy. It is like an instant recharger. You go there and you come out full of positive energy!

Reason number 2: Inspiration

When you want to improve something in your life, when you want to stretch a bit and reach for your goals, you have no other option but to change. I learned that there are two main triggers for change: inspiration and desperation. Unfortunately, too often an event forces us to change. What I found out is that it is much better and much more pleasurable when I am the initiator of change. Therefore I am searching all the time for inspiration, for this one powerful trigger that will move me out of my comfort zone. I can find inspiration in books, in poems, in music or in movies. But from my experiences I know that a good motivational event is a perfect environment to find a good dosage of inspiration.

Reason number 3: Motivation

It is difficult to initiate a change, but it is even more difficult to keep going and going and going till something that is uncomfortable at first will become a habit. This is why we need motivation. Inspiration or desperation will initiate a change, but motivation will make it possible to create a habit and a new reality. We can’t take motivation for granted. Motivation is something we need to seek and we need to nourish. It is possible and necessary to get it in our daily life, but a good motivational event will load you up for some time, which makes it easier to keep going till the discomfort of the change will become comfortable.

Reason number 4: Interaction

I like to work alone, but I know that I can’t do all the things I want to do by myself. In the end, as Jim Rohn used to say, one man doesn’t make a symphony orchestra. Sometimes we need someone to get things done, which we can’t do by ourselves, don’t we? Interacting with people, being in a group and building new relations with positive, inspired and motivated people is not only fun but also necessity. What I also learned is that you just never know who the person you are talking to is and what kind of impact that person can have on your life. Therefore, good motivational events are quite nice places to network and to build, as Les Brown calls it, collaborative and achievement driven relations.

Reason number 5: Ideas

Of course we all need positive energy, inspiration, motivation and network but the “Ideas” are the most valuable. Sometimes it takes just one small idea to transform your life or to improve your business. One good idea can save your marriage or make you healthier… It is not the information that is the most valuable. If information could change people, everyone would be skinny, rich, and happy, as Les Brown likes to say. But the true is we have too much information and too little wisdom. A good idea when dropped on you in the right moment in the right environment is priceless.

In short, for me a good motivational event is a great investment and the last one certainly was worth my time and money!