When it is hard…

I am generally a positive and happy person. I have a very good life. Nothing to complain about.It was not always like that. In the past I went through some difficult times as well.

I have seen low and I have seen high…

What I learned is that life has cycles or as Jim Rohn used to say: seasons. We all go through Springs, Summers, Autumns and Winters in our lives.
What I also learned is that no matter where you are in this specific point of life, low or high, you will go cyclically through similar emotions.
Sometimes you will feel down, sometimes you will feel up. Sometimes you will be afraid and then at times, you will not feel the fear at all. I noticed that similar cyclic feelings will be known to the poor and the rich, to the wise and the not so wise.

It seems that this is the nature of life. This is how we are.

What is the function of these fluctuations? Wouldn’t it be nice to only have positive, powerful and uplifting feelings? Wouldn’t it be great to live in a never-ending Summer season?

I don’t think so. I think that our moments of being low do have an important role in our life. Moments of difficulties are there to remind us about the never-ending contest between good and bad, between light and darkness, between health and sickness. These moments are necessary for us to fully appreciate life.

Would we appreciate light if we would not experience darkness? Would we appreciate health if we would not be aware of sickness? Would we appreciate company if we would never be lonely?

It doesn’t seem to me that we would.

I used to hate these moments. I used to be angry with myself and with the circumstances for getting me into such an unfortunate position. But now I understand that life, from time to time, wants to show me how fortunate I am. Life wants me to be aware of all good things that are happening to me by presenting me a contrast. It is like a message: don’t take all the good things for granted.

Therefore now, when these difficult moments come, I am not angry anymore. I am calming down and I am looking at all the good and positive in my life from the perspective of the contrast that life presents to me.

By doing that I am actually feeling better. My attitude is not going down so deep. In the old times I could be down for days now it seldom take longer than an hour or two.

So when you are down, when life is throwing some negativity, some opposition at you, try to use it for appreciating all good and positive things in your life more clearly. Try to see them from the right perspective. I am sure when you will be able to learn this and you will practice it, the difficult times will actually have a positive function in your life and it will help you to go through…..