Holidays? I am grateful for!

The holiday season is behind us and it is time to return to the normal daily routines. Therefore I would like to look back to last month to explore and enjoy it one more time.

We have been traveling a lot. We have visit France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Poland. We have seen beautiful places and we met incredible people. We had a great time together as a family, resting but also pushing ourselves to move more and to experience all the incredible places of culture and natural beauty.

It is quite interesting but the strongest feeling I have when I think about holidays is gratitude.

  • Gratitude for the fact that we can and want to be together as a family.
  • Gratitude for the fact that we can afford to explore different countries and different cultures.
  • Gratitude for the fact that we are able to enjoy all of it.

I am grateful for all the fantastic treasures that past generations and our Mother Nature created for us to visit and to enjoy. Some of the places left unforgettable impressions, like Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa or Valley of Temples in Agrigento, beautiful Cinque Terre, the majestic Etna or agile and hot Stromboli…

Isn’t it fantastic, that we have this privilege to experience and enjoy it all?

I am grateful for the possibility to slow down a bit. When I slow down I can suddenly notice beauty in daily small things that normally escape my attention. When I stopped on the side of the road to really experience the sunset or when I took my time to play ping-pong with my son, or when I slide down from the rock to the salty waters of Mediterranean and enjoyed a view of a Norman castle build on a dramatic rock…

It feels like magic and like a dream that is happening to me. I can remember different times. I can remember times when it was impossible for me to travel to France or to Italy. Not only because of the shortage of money but also because of borders and man created divisions. I was born on the wrong site of the Iron Curtain…

But I was always dreaming about exploring. About exploring different cultures, about visiting strange places, about witnessing miracles of nature and soaking up all the experiences and knowledge to make me a better person.

Now I can do it more than I was able to imagine, more than I allowed myself to dream about…

And that is why the strongest feeling after my holidays is gratitude.