Who am I?

A few days ago I read a book by Bert Jukes “The Successful Mindset”. The first chapter is all about discovery “who am I”. I love this approach as it stimulates us to think about maybe the most important aspect of our existence – about ourselves.

Of course when you start to think about “who am I”, you want to come to some conclusions, you want to have some answers.

It proofs to be easier to say than to do, at least for me. The first question that came to my mind is: what defines who we actually are?

Is it true what Buddha teaches that “The mind is everything. What you think you become”? Or maybe we are what we do? Or maybe we are the product of the results we produce? Or maybe it is all the same? As what we think should impact what we do and what we produce?

I think that I agree with Buddha who said that “What you think you become…” but I like Jim Rohn’s explanation better. He said that what we conclude based on our knowledge and experience defines our life philosophy. For me the life philosophy is my view of life and my attitude towards it. It is the sum of conclusions based on believes, knowledge and experiences. My life philosophy determines my attitude and the way I am acting. Both attitude and activities will create the results that are directly connected to my life philosophy.

Generally I can say that I am what I think is good or bad, what I think is important or not so important, what I believe is valuable or not so valuable, what I believe is true or false. As these believes, conclusions and knowledge will determine my attitude and activities. It will make me the person whom you know.

Now comes the difficult part. If my attitude and actions are directly connected to my life philosophy can I say that I am what I do? I don’t think so… I think that although the way we perform different activities is directly connected to our life philosophy, we can only know if our actions were aligned with what we are when we look at the results. As what we think and what we produce does not have to be the same. In the end we are only humans and we can make mistakes, we can choose the wrong way, thinking that it will produce different results.

The beautiful part of this approach is that even if we do not produce what we want, we can analyze it and adjust our attitude and our activities, we can change what we do to be better align with what we think, to be better align with what we are. In the end this is what the “Good change” is all about.

Again I liked the way Bert Jukes describes in his book a conversation with his best self. This kind of conversation can help us to make better choices and shows us that what we are busy with, is actually a never-ending process of aligning our attitude and activities with our thoughts.

This is good stuff, isn’t? I am exited thinking and talking about it! So what are my conclusions? What do I believe and know? I do not want to bore you with my life philosophy. The fun stuff is to discover your own! But for now I would like to give you just a few examples.

I know that we come to the Earth with 2 great gifts: time and genetic information. I believe that it is our responsibility to use both gifts to the best of our abilities.

I believe that the most important freedom we have is the freedom of choice. I know that with this freedom comes, equally important, the responsibility for our choices.

I believe that every dream has its price. I know that people who go for their dreams, humbly accept the price or quit.

I believe that we need “all of us” to make the best of our gifts, to make the best choices and to go for the biggest dreams. I know that the best way to achieve something big and long-lasting is to cooperate with each other based on a win – win principle.

What are your believes and conclusions? Are you thinking about your life philosophy? Are you working on your personal development?

Well there are for sure lots of questions coming to my mind right now and I think that this very well may be the biggest value I got from the book of Bert Jukes. Bert, thank you for challenging me to think!