The most valuable asset

I believe that time is our most valuable asset. If only for the reason that we can’t acquire more of it. Knowing that should make us think twice about what we actually do with our time. Generally we can invest it or spend it. The difference is huge. The time invested in what is important to us, to our family to our business will produce long-lasting effects, the time spend will create empty spaces in our memories.

The good question is: why so many of us spend the time instead of invest it?

I think Jim Rohn captured the challenge greatly in his quote:

“Don’t mistake movement for achievement. It’s easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is: Busy doing what?”

So what are we busy with? What occupies our thoughts and makes us do what we do?

I like to believe that “Life is a constant battle for a perfect balance. There is a time to work, there must be a time to rest. There is a time for others, there must be a time for us. The challenge is to get it right!”

Is there a magic formula? Some simple advice we can follow and get the right results? Well I wish I would have it! I would probably be rich, famous and beloved by all people who turned their lives around for the better. Unfortunately it is not so easy. Why? Because we all are unique and for each of us a different balance is required.

What I can do is share with you my thoughts and my way of dealing with the time challenge.

First of all what I learned is that we tend to spend most of our time on activities that have “Urgent” written all over them. The second group of activities we spend time on are activities that are neither important nor urgent, but seem to us like attractive and interesting.

What we tend to procrastinate are activities that are important but not urgent. These activities seem to be in the shadow of “Urgent”, “Attractive” and “Interesting”.

Yet the secret for creating a perfect balance is in this group of activities that are important and not urgent. In this category we have thinking and planning. When I say thinking I mean meaningful planned activity which results in conclusions. Not just random thoughts that we have all the time in our head. We should think about what is valuable and important for us personally, for our families and for our business…

Only when we decide what is valuable and important, we can actually prepare meaningful planning. The process of creating the planning is very important. A good planning increases our motivation for achieving what we want to achieve. Furthermore we create reference for prioritizing all other activities.

Now what we need is the right attitude and we can proceed with what we planned.

Our activities will produce results which we can evaluate and check if we are actually coming closer to what is valuable and important or not.

If results are not in line with our expectation we should check one of 3 places: was the conclusion of what is valuable and important correct? Was our attitude right? Did we performed the right activities with the right intensity?

When the work is done well, we will see that activities in the category “Important” and “Urgent” will contain only crisis situation which we could not plan or predict. The activities that are “Urgent” but not important will decrease drastically. Why? Because we will have clear priorities and we will simple say “no” to most of these activities. The same with activities that are “Not important” and “Not urgent”.

It is always 20% of activities that will produced 80% of the required results. By thinking, planning and evaluating we have much bigger chances to actually discover the right formula for the perfect balance in our life. The perfect balance is what I would like to wish you and myself for the coming week and entire life.