In our best self-interest

Do you remember situations when you asked yourself, which action will work best in my self-interest?

I am sure you do, we all try to navigate life the way that it will benefit our interest, don’t we?

We are not pain seekers. We want to live a good life!

But, you could also imagine a situation when getting a short-term win can bring long-term lost, couldn’t you?

We are living now in a world that is full of the voices playing on our self-interest instinct.

Do it now, do it quickly, it is good for you, you will feel great and you will be happy…

But is this really true?

Let’s look at some examples.

The most clear to me is an example of consumptive loan.

Take the money now, use your credit card and buy whatever you desire! You will feel good, you will be happy, you will have better status…

Another example is entertainment.

Come and enjoy, don’t work too hard, you deserve some fun, you deserve to have a life…

What about food and drinks? Alcohol, sugared drinks, ice-cream all shown as cool, sporty and healthy…

Please, understand me correctly. I am not starting a crusade against loans, against entertainment or against comfort food or drinks. Not at all. One of my teachers during my study used to say that everything in the world can be used as medication or as a deadly poison, it is all a question of timing and quantity…

I just want to trigger our thinking. Could it be that what we think at first to be in our self-interest in the long run could turn against us?

What if I will tell you that sharing is in your best self-interest? Or doing more than you are paid for? Or investing instead of spending? Doesn’t it feel contra intuitive?

If I share I will have less… Why should I work more than I am paid for? I can’t invest, I do not have money to do so…

It sure does…

But please trust me! If you want to live a good life, if you want to be respected, healthy, financially free and fulfilled you will need to rethink short-term gains versus long-term results. You will need to learn to see yourself in the future!

One could say that life is short and unpredictable so why should we care? Well, it might be true for some individuals, but in general it is not true.

Life is short, but it is long enough! Average life expectation is growing rapidly and in many places around the world it will reach an average of 90 years in the near future…

Mahatma Gandhi said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

The definition of learning is to acquire knowledge through study, experience, or being taught. The good question is: “being taught by whom?” By marketing specialists? By politicians?

Therefore my advice is to become a good student. To collect knowledge, experience and lessons from all sources and to ponder about it, to analyze it and in the end to come to your own conclusions about what is truly in your best self-interest.

Don’t let short-term gains ruin your long-term results.

In our best self-interest I would like to finish with the words of Jim Rohn: “We should learn not to spend major time on minor things as well as we should learn not to spend major money on the minor things”.

Wishing you fantastic week!