Dealing with difficulties

Last week was quite challenging for me. Not only was I traveling a lot and working long hours, but I had to stop some associations and deliver some true but not very positive messages.

When you run businesses quite often you have to make difficult decisions. Decisions that can have an impact on other people’s lives. When it happens, even though I know the decision is right, still it is hard and heavy to carry it out. It makes me feel lonely.

Have you experienced similar feelings? Feelings of loneliness when you have to make tough, difficult decisions?

When it happens to me I need more than ever to have my moments with positive, encouraging messages.

For me it is usually a seminar or a book of my favorite speaker or author. Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robins, Zig Zigler. You know what I mean! Sometimes it is not sufficient.

If this doesn’t help me, I am going to my cave where I can be with myself. I am going through the lessons I learned and evaluating what happened. Most of the time it is enough to get back to a positive attitude, but sometimes even this does not work.

Then I need someone close to me to give me encouragement and assurance. This one is tough as I need to open myself. I need to show that I am vulnerable. At such a moment it is good to have a real friend. Someone who will accept my moment of weakness without misusing it and without judging. I am lucky as my best friend is my wife. She has this fantastic ability to encourage me without putting me down!

It is quite normal that sooner or later we have to face difficult choices. Choices that can shake our self-believe, self-confidence.

My strategy for situations like this is to go through the steps I mentioned before.

  • Go to the Masters and listen to the wisdom, positive messages and energy.
  • Go to myself and evaluate the lessons I learned.
  • Go to my partner, my friend and open myself.

I know it works for me and you are welcome to use it for yourself. But this is not the main lesson. The main lesson is to realize that in the circle of life we will meet both positive and negative and it is better to be prepared and to have a plan what to do when difficulties will face us. In the end we will always find a way, but if we are prepared it will take minutes or hours not months or years!