Self-motivational assets

Today morning I woke up to the sound of hard rain. I open my eyes and I saw it was very dark outside. Clearly a storm was passing by. I decided to wait in my bed till it would be over. One hour later when I opened my eyes again I have seen the sun shining through the window.

Why am I telling you this story? Because it was my inspiration for today’s talk.

Les Brown’s most recognizable quote is that “You have greatness within you”! I believe we all do! There are two aspects of our greatness that I would like to discuss with you today.

Firstly the fact is that we have the unique capability to change our past knowledge and experiences in assets and invest them in the present. Sometimes we are saying that a person has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I believe that we all do. Unfortunately we do not realize it too often and frequently we don’t use it as our assets. The wealth of past experiences and knowledge can be very powerful when used correctly!

Today morning when I opened my eyes for the first time I knew that the storm would pass. I knew it would not last for a long time! I was not stressed! This is the power of past experiences and knowledge invested in the present! It will help us to go through storms! It will push us through difficult times!

The second aspect of our greatness is the unique capability to see the future. Not necessarily to see the future as it will be, but to see the future as we would like it to be. It is the power of our dreams!

Our dreams are very important assets that we can invest in the present.

Our dream can be so powerful, so magnetic that we can be pulled by it through moments of doubts and lower self-confidence.

We can be pulled up by it when the path is going up the hill and we think we have no more power to climb. As long as we have our dream we will somehow find the power to make the next step and a next step and a next step…

Today morning when I decide to close my eyes and wait for storm to pass by, I could see in my mind the sun shining and the flowers looking at me with their beautiful colors and shapes. I could smell them and I could feel the warm breeze on my face. It made my last hour of sleeping very enjoyable even though outside the storm was not yet over!

What all of this has to do with motivation one can ask? Well, I realize that our assets of accumulated knowledge and experiences and capability to see the future as we want it to be can be very powerful self-motivational factors that can push us through difficulties and pull us towards our goals if we use them correctly.

So the small good change exercise for today is to learn how to invest past knowledge and experiences and our dreams to become our best self-motivational assets.