Celebrate and enjoy…

It is interesting that we focus more on our mistakes and failures than on our right decisions and victories. It does not make sense to me! When you look at an average life we are making more right decisions than wrong ones and we have more victories than failures.

Otherwise we would not survive as individuals and as a human race!

Therefore I think it is time to change the focus and be more conscious about all that we are doing right!

In the management schools I was taught to catch employees on doing something right and praise them.

In my opinion this is precisely what we need to do to ourselves. We should be alert and we need to catch ourselves on doing something good more often, on making the right decision, on achieving our small or big victories.

We not only need to catch ourselves on doing that, but we should praise ourselves, celebrate and enjoy it!

I do not mean that we should pretend that we do not make mistakes! I think we should learn from our mistakes. There are 2 very important questions we need to ask ourselves whenever we notice that something went wrong. The first question is why did it happen? The second question is what can I do to not repeat this mistake in the future?

But when we made the right decision, when we reached our small or big victory, why shouldn’t we praise ourselves, celebrate and enjoy it? It will shift the focus from what we are doing wrong to what we are doing right! It will give a boost to our self-confidence. Our self-esteem will grow and we will be more motivated to make the right decisions and reach our victories in the future!

This makes more sense to me than beating myself up over mistakes and failures!

So let’s stop beating ourselves up with past mistakes and let’s celebrate and enjoy all that we are doing well!

This is one small good change we can work on to make our lives even better!