Things to do in a weekend…

Evaluate last week:

  • What did you learned?
  • Whom did you helped?
  • With whom have you been?

Reconnect with your inner circle:

  • Take time to be with people close to you.
  • Grab a phone a call your friend, your parents or children.
  • Give your inner circle the gift of your time and attention.

Recharge and energize yourself:

  • Do something good for your spirit, body, heart and mind.
  • Plan time to think about your dreams and goals, go for a walk, read something valuable, listen to a music, embrace someone, do something creative.
  • Find the right balance to have all the aspects of your being revitalized and ready for next week.

Plan next week:

  • What is really important and will make the biggest impact?
  • What I want to do?
  • What I need to do?

And the most important. Have a nice weekend!