The power of dreams

I was 14 years old, living in the beautiful city of Gdansk in less than beautiful circumstances. Poland was ruled by communistic power. Some of you might be familiar with these circumstances, for some of you this might be difficult to comprehend. One of the things was that we did not have a lot of freedom and we certainly did not have the freedom to travel abroad.

In these circumstances dreaming was quite important and dreaming about traveling was very important to me. I wanted to know what the other countries looked like, how the people lived, what were their dreams, what was important to them?

Back then the best way to get some information was to read books. As travel books where not censored it was my favorite thing to read. Especially books about sailing. I could see myself sailing across the ocean, visiting interesting harbors in exotic countries.

My dreams were so real, so intense that one day I asked myself: what do I need to do to make it happen? What do I need to do to sail and visit these countries?

Little did I know that in my head I had set myself a goal and resolved to make it happen. From this moment on I was almost obsessed with the idea of me sailing across the ocean.

And yes, miracles do happen. A little more than year passed and I was leaving for my first sailing adventure around Iceland…

My daughter loves to sing. She started singing before she could walk. A few years ago she said that her dream is to sing in the role of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.

First she could not find any production for 14-year-old so in the age of 15 she decided to write her own musical. She wrote all the text and all the music as she did not want it to be the same as the Walt Disney production. With her enthusiasm she assembled a team of players and helpers. After one year the musical was ready to be performed and was quite a success.

The most important point though is, that just after this, in the age of 16 she decided to go for an audition of the real Walt Disney production and got her dream role…

I am sure that if you will ask around, you can find lots of similar situations where dreams became reality or as Napoleon Hill said where “thoughts, backed by strong desire, have a tendency to transmute themselves into their physical equivalent”.

How the power and magic of dreams works? There are plenty of books written on this subject, but for me the most important are the following ingredients:

  1. A dream that is so vivid that you can see the vision of it already happening
  2. A strong believe that it is possible
  3. Faith that it is possible for me
  4. A “never give up” attitude
  5. Activities, activities, activities…

If these ingredients are present the Universal Energy starts to play its magic and power. The right people are crossing your way, the right circumstances are being created. You receive help from people you do not even know and slowly but surely you become a person who deserves to have the dream come true. You see, life does not respond to need, life responses to deserve!

You may ask, if this is so simple why do we not all live our dreams? The answer is also simple. What is simple to do is equally simple not to do. Or putting it differently: it does not necessarily have to be easy.

Fears, negative relations, life destruction’s, bad habits and other dream killers will try to make one of the 5 points weaker and disturb you on your way.

Unfortunately these dream killers very often succeed, unless you are aware and you adjust your course frequently.

When you will do this, and you will act with believe, with faith, with the right attitude the dreams will become your reality as it happened and still is happening to many, many people!

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