About success…

I read a small article where the author used a definition of success as the attainment of fame, wealth and social status.

I never had much with “authority” trying to push me in a specific way of thinking and acting.

Why should I accept this definition of success? Why can’t I look at success from a different perspective? Well, I can!

I prefer to look at success from within the person rather than from a public point of view. For me success is very personal. It is the result of personal values, goals and possibilities.

Too often I see people who look at success from a public point of view and deny themselves the pleasure of being successful. Personal success can be very powerful. It can motivate and it can inspire. Therefore I prefer to use a different definition of success.

My definition is: to act upon and to achieve goals that are in harmony with one’s personal values (personal philosophy).

In short for me it is a massive success when you live in modesty helping homeless animals, if this is what is truly valuable to you. The same way as it is a massive success if you help millions of people in their personal development when this is truly valuable to you!

There is one problem with this definition. From the public point of view we cannot see who is and who is not successful. But, is this really so important? Must personal success become a marketing product owned by the public?

For me, this is not the main point of personal success. The main point of personal success is that I can become more by achieving it.