In my library I have a book by Chris Widener “Live the life you have always dreamed of!” In his book the author presents 10 principles to make your dreams come true. All good stuff,  but for me the last chapter of the book is the most inspiring. When you cross the magic age of 50, you start to look at life differently. You have enough life experience to see it from a different perspective :).

The title of the last chapter is “Lock In Your Legacy”.  Chris lets us think of the fact that we are mortal and that this actually can be a good motivating factor. I had to think about it twice, but he has a point! Then he asks us, what legacy we would like to leave.

As we go through life we can see how much knowledge, experience and wisdom is being buried each and every day, don’t you agree?

So I asked myself a question:  ‘Shouldn’t we try to share our knowledge, experience and wisdom with each other? ‘

We have the best tools ever to register and share whatever we want with the rest of the world. Social Media, Internet and all other tools that are available to each of us should make this so easy. All we need to do is to take 10 -15 minutes a day to evaluate if you have learned something valuable and to type it down. Then  just push enter and the entire world can tap in and use it! Isn’t it fascinating?

I can see how some of my experiences can help a person I do not even know and make this person’s life better.

I can see how someone’s experiences can help me and it has made my life even better! So this is very clearly a win – win situation.

We do not have to be famous, genius or talented to positively influence other people!

By registering and sharing our experiences, wisdom and knowledge we are creating a much more powerful heritage than just some numbers in the bank account. This way we can leave our heritage not only to our family, our dearest but also to people we even do not personally know! Isn’t that something!

Well, it is for me! That is why I do what I do and I really hope that one day, someone I don’t even know, will read a sentence I shared and it will make sense to this person. And this person will make a choice and change and become happier and better.

If this will happen, my life will take on a different dimension. I will not only live my life but my life will live in someone else, and this is what heritage is all about!