Life could be much more pleasant when more people would be just simple polite! Don’t you agree?

As Napoleon Hill wrote: “Politeness to others is usually born out of respect for the individual, which you learn as a child.”

We can say that politeness and respect are close friends. We learn to respect by being respected and we learn to be polite by being under the influence of polite people. After a while politeness and consideration for others can become a habit and we will be recognized as generally polite people.

I believe that most of the people do have the template of politeness and consideration stored in their subconscious mind. I also believe that most of the people deserve respect.

So how come that in our daily busy life we do not see as much of respect and politeness as one could expect? Isn’t it due to the fact that in the everyday rush we are preoccupied with our own lives and challenges? That we do not allow ourselves to be present and see what is happening around us for what it is?

In the end of the day the people in traffic, in the supermarket or in the office are similar to us. They also have their dreams and goals, their obstacles and challenges, their successes and failures.

Yes, we do have busy lives. Yes, we do have to be on time and we have to arrange hundreds of small things.

But wouldn’t it be easier and more pleasant when someone would just simple be nice to us, give us a smile, let us go first, open a door for us?

I believe it would.

So now the good question is, if we would like to meet people like that on our path, why do we not start from ourselves? Why do we not start by being more polite and more considered? It does not cost a lot and it can make someone’s day!

And you know… what goes around comes around. When you will start to act like that very soon people will start to act the same way towards you.