The phenomenon of time…

Have you ever thought about time? Not time management but time as a phenomenon, time in the context of a person. In context of you and me.

I believe that we come to this World with two very special, meaningful, precious gifts. One of them is the gift of our potential and the other one is the gift of our time. Both time and potential are connected with each other as how we will spend our time will determinate how much of our potential we will unveil.

Why these two gifts are meaningful and precious? It is simple; because you will never be able to acquire more of them. What you have at the moment you are born is all that you will ever have. You cannot buy borrow or steal more of time or more potential 🙂

Brian Tracy in one of his seminar said something that got my attention. He said that for one specific person time equals life.

Which means that when we decide on how to use our time we actually decide on what our life will look like.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that the future depends on what we do in the present. These are very wise words.

But what we do in the present depends on:

  1. What we have learned in the past
  2. How we are able to see our future.

“Now” is a bridge between the past and the future. It connects our past experience, past knowledge, past emotions with the promise of the future.

So what we do now with our time and our potential not only determines what the future will look like but also what our past will look like.

Wouldn’t it be great when in our time we will use our potential to create a better future and at the same time we will use it to create a great heritage?

Wouldn’t it be great if our heritage will inspire and help others to use their time and potential even better?

What we know about time is that it passes second by second and that the storage of time is limited. What we know about our potential is that usually we use only a small part of it.

As Les Brown puts it beautifully: we have greatness within us!

Which means that we should use our time supply wisely to explore and to develop the greatness which is hidden in our potential.

Together with these two meaningful and precious gifts we have been given a great responsibility. We are responsible for our choices and our decisions. And choices we make, all the time. Do I go to sleep or do I read a book? Do I go for a walk or do I watch TV? Do I do this or do I do that… Each day, each hour, each minute.

The educated questions are:

  1. Do the activities we chose to perform and decisions we make right now help us to reach our potential or not?
  2. Is this OK, knowing that our time supply is smaller with each second that passes by?