Is life our business?

Being not a native speaker I was a bit surprise to find out that “business” comes from “busyness” which is defined as “purposeful activity”.

Connect it to the definition of life as “the capacity for growth, reproduction, to act functionally and change continually before death” and you can conclude that life and business have more common aspects that one would imagine. Both consist of activities and in both cases we hope the activities are purposeful…

Pablo Picasso once said that:

“The meaning of life is to find our gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.”

To find our gift and to share it we should be engaged in purposeful activities. How do we know if our activities are purposeful? I think we can only be sure after we will examine the results. Isn’t it like being in business?

Ok, I know, I am playing with words and definitions 🙂

But finding our gift and giving it away seems to me like finding and creating value and share it with others.

In my humble opinion this is precisely what business is all about or at least should be all about…

There can be lots of different values to share. The gift of love, smiles, voice or simple attention can be as valuable as more “tangible” things.

By sharing and giving away we are busy with enriching the lives of others. More importantly, giving starts the very process of receiving and what we receive is our reward, our pay check.

So yes, I believe that life is our business! Do you?