Panta rei

As Heraclitus stated a long time ago “everything flows, nothing stays fixed”.

I believe that this is even more true today than it was in 500 BC. The knowledge and technology are changing the answers to old questions with unbelievable speed influencing all parts of our existence.

A few years ago computers where for big and rich companies, now almost everybody has more then one at home. Internet was for nerds, now it is a commodity. Hundred years ago we started to discover flying machines, a few weeks ago a human made machine left the Solar System…

Within one week our children are confronted with the same amount of information as our grandparents during their whole life. With information, knowledge and technology we are forced to face much more changes and choices.

From the other side it is in our human nature that we long for stability and predictability. Changes can lead to the unknown and unpredictable.

So this is our new challenge. How to find stability and predictability when we are confronted with high speed changes that can and will lead to the opposite?

I am one of the fortunate people who do not mind all those changes around so much. I actually like the idea of being alert, observing, learning and analyzing what’s going on.

It seems to me that the best way to deal with changes is to accept that we will be confronted with them all the time and the frequency will only be bigger and bigger.

Actually I prefer to be a force of change rather then to be forced to change!  (with thanks to Kaypacha from whom I have heard the quote!)

I am observing changes carefully, looking at them through the filter of my values and goals. If the change is good I embrace it, if not I am trying to protect myself!

And when stability is a concerned? Well, one thing is predictable and pretty stable: “Panta rei”.